Weird things in Germany #1

Weird things in Germany #1

There are some things here that I still just don’t understand. Like these:


They are Cola-flavored gummis. I actually don’t understand any Cola-flavored candies (looking at you, Bottle Caps) but the chewy ones are especially weird to me. It doesn’t help that the Verlobter likes them. He’s lucky, because if we ever get any, I won’t touch them. And this is coming from a girl who loves black licorice. If I don’t like it, your candy is disgusting

2 thoughts on “Weird things in Germany #1

  1. We have those in England, a lot.. They are OK if you try them from a company called Haribo! I’ve had beer flavoured sweets, like this.. Those are good. Look for them on Amazon or EBay.

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