May 1st – Introduction

May 1st – Introduction

So, it’s only the first day of Blog Everyday in May, and I’m already a bit late with posting – probably because I’m terrible with introductions.  BUT IT’S NOT MIDNIGHT YET!

I was trying to decide whether to add a picture where I looked normal or goofy - and then I remembered that I hadn't shown off my new sunglasses yet!
I was trying to decide whether to add a picture where I looked normal or goofy – and then I remembered that I hadn’t shown off my new sunglasses yet!

I suppose I can start with the basics.  I’m almost 25 (my birthday is on Monday!) and I’ve been living in Germany since this past June.  Before I moved here permanently, I had spent a semester student teaching on a military base in Bavaria.  While I was doing that, I met the Verlobter, who convinced me to relocate here permanently.

I did spend a year teaching in the United States between my student teaching and moving here – partially to convince my parents that I wasn’t crazy and partially to save up a bit of money before I moved. That was actually the craziest part of my plan – saving up money on a public school teacher’s salary while paying off student loans.  Thankfully the school I worked at was in the middle of nowhere (the nearest Walmart was a 45 minute drive away), so there wasn’t much to spend money on.  Also, the 12 month payment plan meant that I was still getting paid after I had moved.

Since we are going in a sort of reverse chronological order, I guess I’ll talk about where I went to school – or “university” as I say now, and feel really pretentious every time I do.  I went to Truman State University, which is located in northern Missouri – the town it is in contained the previously mentioned Walmart.  I got a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Education for Secondary English Education – which makes me sound really fancy when I apply for teaching jobs here, but didn’t give me that much of a background in teaching English to non-native speakers.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, which is a completely different place from where I went to “university” and where I ended up teaching for a year.  Missouri has a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to rural/suburban/urban areas.  I met people in northern Missouri who were terrified of living in “the city” and my parents were terrified of me living alone in “the country”.

And now I live in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, which is different from rural Missouri, urban/suburban Missouri, AND Bavaria.  The weather is fairly similar to St. Louis, though, which can be comforting – and annoying when it goes from cold, to warm, to cool, to hot, and then back to cold again.  The main purpose of my blog, I feel, is to document my adjustment living here – pointing out the things that are completely strange to me still (Weird German Things), and the things that are familiar, but not really (Awkward English and Flags Everywhere) – along with anything else that comes up along the way.

I’m really excited for Blog Everything in May, as it will give me a chance to be a little bit personal as well as finding new ways to share my journey here.  Don’t worry, though, I’m still taking pictures of the things I find while I’m out and about, so my other sections will keep going throughout the month!

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