May 19th – My Accomplishments

May 19th – My Accomplishments

Today’s prompt for Blog Everyday in May is to “List ten things you have accomplished in the past decade.”

Whoo then, alright. A decade ago, I was only 15, so I feel like I might have some trouble coming up with ten. Also, I always worry about sounding like I’m bragging, but I suppose that, since this is the prompt, it’s alright.

June 2008 – Graduated high school, #1 in my class

December 2011 – Graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English

Yup, stole this picture from a previous post.
Yup, stole this picture from a previous post.

June 2012 – Approved by my university to do my internship with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) Program – this is what landed me in Germany the first time!

Passport Instagram
The artsy Instagram picture I took of my passport before I left for Germany.

May 2013 – Graduated with my Master of Arts in Education, Secondary English

Masters Screengrab
I didn’t actually attend my graduation, ceremony because I was still in Germany – so my graduation photos for this degree consist of a screengrab of my online transcript and an instagram of my diploma.

June 2013  – Got my first “big girl job” at a high school in the middle of nowhere!

I saw these goats while driving through town on more than one occasion.

May/June 2014 – Packed up my life and flew off to Germany (Left May 31st – landed June 1st!)

October 2014 – Passed the theory test (in English) for my German driver’s license – read about it here!

Drivers License
Stealing yet another picture from a previous post. Thats just how I roll.

February 2015 – Taught my first freelance English class

March 2015 – Took and passed my German B1 Test – certifying that I know very basic German

B1 all the way!

March 2015 – Started a blog that lasted more than two weeks

Majestic American Sloth
Look at that majestic creature

My life seems to consist pretty much entirely of school – either as a student or a teacher. What are some of your accomplishments that you are proud of?

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    1. Thanks! The class I took before the test really helped me a lot, so I’m glad I got going on it early.

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