May 22nd – Defining Beauty

May 22nd – Defining Beauty

Today’s prompt from Blog Everyday in May is to write about how we define beauty. Wow, this is a hard one.

Obviously I find things beautiful. I posted a picture yesterday of a poppy I saw when heading home from work – just because I liked the way it looked alone against the sidewalk. I’ve actually taken quite a few pictures of the flowers I walk past. I’ve always liked the way flowers look, but I think because I’m seeing different ones, I notice them more. There’s a mix of color, softness, and novelty that make them stand out even more to me now.

Flowers Photo

Flowers 3 Photo
Unfortunately, I think all of these guys are dead now.

I thinks it’s pretty standard to find aspects of nature beautiful – sunsets, flowers, landscapes of rolling hills or mountains, oceans, waterfalls – and on and on. I’m not very good at philosophy, so I’m sure it’s just a great combination of brain chemicals that humans get when looking at these things.

I’m also very interested in makeup – which some people put in a category of “artificial beauty.” I like to see it as a type of art in a way. It’s temporary art that you wear on your face, and that’s pretty cool. People all tend to have their own aesthetic when it comes to makeup. For myself, I like cool colors and metallic finishes. Other people look great with other combinations, though. And other people look beautiful without.

I’m really not getting to a definition here, am I? I’m a language teacher and a writer (kind of), definitions should be my thing, but beauty doesn’t really work with it. It’s got ties to society, biology, chemistry, philosophy, history, individuality, and a whole bunch of other words that end in “y”. I want to say that beauty is when I find something enjoyable to look at, but I also find words beautiful – ethereal, gossamer, those soft, billowy words, because I’m a cliche. I find phrases and sentences beautiful, the ones that I read a few times before moving on, but will usually flow out of my head. I find actions and reactions beautiful, especially ones rooted in kindness, relief, and love. I’m a sucker for those videos of people reuniting with loved ones after a long or dangerous separation. I find people beautiful, not by their appearance, but by their whole person.

I said I’m not very good at philosophy, but I’ll take a stab at it. I think the beautiful thing about beauty is that it is undefinable.

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  1. I love makeup, and to be it’s all about enhancing your already there beauty, rather than masking or trying to make you something you’re not. Beauty is so different for everyone, it’s hard to put it into words, huh? xx

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