May 23rd – Summer Bucket List

May 23rd – Summer Bucket List

Today’s prompt for Blog Everyday in May is, “What is on your summer bucket list?”

Well, I’m getting married in America at the end of August – so my summer bucket list is less fun, summer trips and more wedding stuff we still need to get done.

1. Print and Mail Invitations – We already have them designed, so we just have to print them and prepare them. We went through an Etsy store (shout out to givewithjoy!) to get a digital copy so that we could print invitations both here and in America to save on postage. And this means that I don’t have to address the American ones, because I won’t be there! Thanks, Mom!

2. Buy Wedding Rings – Time is getting shorter, and we still don’t have the rings! Whoops! I think the Verlobter has a list of stores he wants to check out. He’s gotten a few recommendations from married friends.

By Podolskiy ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Podolskiy ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
3. Buy a Dress for the German Reception – We’re going to have a second reception in Germany for our friends and family who can’t make it to the American ceremony. My parents already signed me up for a preservation service for my American dress, so when we return to Germany, my dress will be all vacuumed sealed. I also wanted something a bit less formal for the second reception. And, I bought the first dress in America, so the Verlobter’s family wasn’t there and I think they would really enjoy going wedding dress shopping – so this is a chance to bring them along!

4. Iron Out All the Legal Details – The United States – particularly Missouri, where we’re getting married – is way more chill about marriage paperwork than Germany is, so we need to make sure our officiant understands that we need a copy with an apostille (fancy, internationally recognized certification), not just a notary stamp. Germany is way into the apostille, but it was pretty hard for me to find information about it in Missouri. I did find a service that could take care of it for us, but they were expensive and it could take awhile, so I’m hoping we can just figure out which offices we need to go to and do it ourselves. Getting the license in Missouri should be easy – all we need is ID and my social security number (thwe Verlobter signs a statement that he doesn’t have one) and we should be good to go. It’s getting Germany to recognize all of it that will be tricky.

5. Figuring Out What We Do After the Wedding – We decided to postpone our honeymoon so that we could take a fancy long trip next spring, but we are remaining in the US for a bit after the wedding and have a few days set aside for a trip of some kind – but we haven’t decided where! If anyone has suggestions, we’d be grateful for them!

6. Herding the Cats (the Germans) – We will be travelling to the US with about eight German family members who speak varying levels of English. I’m nervous about getting everyone through the border smoothly, but the Verlobter gave them all an instructional PowerPoint presentation, so he is not concerned.

Much Graphic. Many Design. Wow.
Much Graphic. Many Design. Wow.

7. Have a Polterabend (Without my Grandparents Getting Ticketed for Noise Violation) – We want to introduce the Americans to a bit of Germany, so we’re going to have a Polterabend in America. My Grandparents offered their house for the festivities. My family was a bit concerned about the concept of smashing plates and other ceramic bits-and-bobs, until they heard that the Verlobter and I have to do all of the cleaning. We are not known for our housekeeping skills, so the family is quite excited for the rare sight.

8. Get Married!!! – I would hope this one is fairly self-explanatory.



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  1. Sounds like you have quite a lot to be getting on with! How exciting you are getting married – how wonderful!

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