May 30th – My Favorite Quote

May 30th – My Favorite Quote

Today’s prompt for Blog Everyday in May is to share our favorite quote and why we love it.

My favorite quote comes from a high school science assignment. At the beginning of the year, we were given a list of quotes relating to science and we were meant to choose one that appealed to us. We then had to research a bit about the speaker and explain to the class what it meant, how it related to science, and how it could relate to other aspects of our world. I didn’t have a hard time deciding when I read the following quote.

William A. Fowler Stardust

I just thought that it was a beautiful way of discussing a pretty fundamental truth about our world. It makes you feel all warm and special inside, but it also is literally the truth. William A. Fowler was an astrophysicist who studied nuclear reactions and the chemical elements that make up the universe. He won a Nobel Prize for it, he knows his stuff.

This quote is also important to me not just by the meaning, though I think I would have always like it for that, but because it also represents the teacher who introduced it to me. My high school physics and chemistry teacher was a wonderful man and had a true passion for his subject. Students would tease him a bit because of it, but his enthusiasm for the subject made class so much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, he passed away in the middle of my senior year. It was a hard time for the school, especially those of us who had gotten to know him well during our classes with him.

I chose this quote to put in the yearbook by my senior picture as a bit of a tribute to that teacher. We are all stardust – eternal but ever changing, breaking down but becoming something new.

Rest In Peace, Mr. O’Hearn.

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