Youtube Reviews – Waldmeister Fizzy Drink

Youtube Reviews – Waldmeister Fizzy Drink

Hey everyone, I’m going to start trying to do Weird German Things reviews on YouTube! If you have any suggestions for stuff I should review, comment here, comment on the video, or tweet at me at @AmiFaultier!

Here’s the first video!

One thought on “Youtube Reviews – Waldmeister Fizzy Drink

  1. Weird German cuisine:
    Because you live in Palatinate (?), these two dishes are mandatory:
    # Pfälzer Gefüllte Klösse mit Sauerkraut (Palatinate potato dumplings filled with liverwurst and bacon)
    # Pfälzer Saumagen (Palatinate stuffed pig’s stomach)
    In the past, I horrified my foreign (mostly American or Italian) coworkers with these spawn of South- German gourmet food:
    # Hessischer Äppelwoi (Hessian cider)
    # Hessischer Handkäs mit Musik (Hessian sour milk cheese in onion marinade)
    # Bayrischer Obatzer (Bavarian cheese pulp)
    # Bayrischer Wurstsalat (Bavarian sausage salad in vinaigrette)
    # Fränkischer Presssack mit Musik (Franconian white and red brawn in onion marinade)
    # Fränkische Saure Zipfel (Franconian/ Nuremberger bratwurst, poached in wine- vinegar and onions)
    # Schwäbischer Ochsenmaul- Salat(Swabian ox muzzle salad in vinaigrette)
    # Schwäbische Linsen mit Spätzle und Wiener Würstchen (Swabian lentils with noodles and hot dogs)
    # Fischsemmel (Bun with pickled herring or matie, on marinade onions and pickled cucumber)
    Don’t worry: After three Mass everything taste wunderbar! 🙂

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