Awkward English #9 – Avoiding a Lawsuit

Awkward English #9 – Avoiding a Lawsuit

T-Shirts are always a great place to find awkward sayings – in any language or country. That’s one reason to enjoy shopping if even you don’t buy anything – it’s entertaining!


I found the use of “take” instead of “get” or “buy” a little weird. Were I this company’s editor, I would have suggested a change. Is that a job I could have? Copy editing T-shirts?

The obvious strange choice is the spelling of “Barbee” though. Is this an attempt to avoid copyright infringement? Is Mattel like Disney – hunting down all possible trademark violations with a vengeance?

Why is this post so full of questions? The world may never know…

4 thoughts on “Awkward English #9 – Avoiding a Lawsuit

    1. Interns, most likely 😀
      Though, really, they should hire me. I’d come up with dumb T-shirt slogans all day.

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