Awkward English #10 – Ugly Clothes Round-Up

Awkward English #10 – Ugly Clothes Round-Up

One of my favorite things to do while shopping (besides scouring clearance racks) is to check out T-shirt slogans. Like I’ve said before, they are universally terrible – and I love it. I do not mean to offend anyone who loves cheesy T-shirts, I think they are wonderful in their awkward glory.

Last week I visited C&A and H&M – and, boy, are the alphabet stores full of greatness this season. For your reading enjoyment, I’ve divided my finds into two categories – Presentation and Puns.

Presentation – These clothes may not have anything too awful at first glance, but upon closer examination, they get a bit weird. Maybe the word choice is strange, or when you actually read it, it doesn’t make much sense.

Flowers shirt
If this shirt was in German, the capitalized “Diamonds” would be fine, but it’s in English…
Buggin' Out Crop Top
What does “Buggin’ Out” have to do with ice cream? The world may never know.
Work Wear Progressive
This looks normal for a T-Shirt, but I don’t actually understand what it means. “Work Wear Progressive”? What do you mean?
If not for “Paris” being written correctly on the bottom of the shirt, I would have thought this was just made for mirror selfies. It reminds me of Karen from Mean Girls and her rhinestone “K”.
Sweet as Pie
I can barely read this. We have another case of “Tumblr on a shirt.”

Puns – Love them or hate them, puns are a staple of T-Shirt decoration. And I love them.

Dough Know, Don't Care
Get it, because the letters are “DOUGHnuts”! This and the cupcake shirt are making me hungry.
Selfie Pun #1
Selfie puns have been blowing up lately.
Selfie Pun #2
I’ve been seeing shirts and bags with selfie puns everywhere. I’ve even seen an actual person wear the “Go F— Your Selfie” shirt in public. If I had had pearls, I would have clutched them.

What is one of your favorite T-Shirt slogans? Let me know! I’m not kidding when I say I love them, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I find these.

12 thoughts on “Awkward English #10 – Ugly Clothes Round-Up

  1. You crack me up with your pearls!! I always am amazed at the things people think it is ok to wear!!

  2. This is a great post! I go nuts seeing these shirts all the time around Germany. Most recently I saw some weird one that said something ridiculous about “popcorns” – it was on sale for like 2€, but I still couldn’t bring myself to get it.

    1. I never buy them, because I don’t think I could wear them. But I still appreciate them on others. 😀

  3. Tumblr on a t-shirt is dead on. I’ve seen the ‘Go f— yourselfie’ one here too… on a young-ish kid whose parent really should’ve stepped in on that one!

    1. That reminds me that I really should check out the kids’ clothes sometimes. I passed by a kid at the grocery store yesterday that had a shirt that said “Ich bin NICHT süss.” He was definitely not old enough to read, so that was the parents’ choice on that one.

  4. Oh yes, please do! Yesterday I saw a t-shirt display outside a children’s store that had three Popsicles on it, and said “Water Ice Lick it Love it.” Unfortunately a woman was holding out the first one at the moment, so that would’ve been a pretty awkward time to snap a picture.

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