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Covergirl LipPerfection – My Multiples

Covergirl LipPerfection – My Multiples

So I discovered while working on this post that the Covergirl LipPerfection LipColor line has been discontinued. I am not happy about this. It was already bad enough that I haven’t been able to  find Covergirl here in Germany, just MaxFactor which is owned by the same company, but now I can’t even replace some of my favorite lipsticks when I travel home. Covergirl’s website has a page that shows you which of their Colorlicious shades match, and while some of them look like they might work as a replacement, others aren’t very close, but I’ll talk about that more when I talk about the specific shades.

I really like the LipPerfection LipColors because they are super pigmented and long lasting. Many of the brighter and deeper shades stain your lips, which if you’re looking for lasting power is great, though it can make removal a bit difficult. The shade range was incredibly large, so let’s hope that the Colorlicious line can live up to its predecessor.

Covergirl LipPerfection Swatches

I have six shades from the line, a few shades good for daily wear and some other bright, bold shades. I had trouble getting the lipstick to swatch accurately. Divine and Siren are much brighter in person and Heavenly and Fairytale have more pink to them. Eternal and Feline showed up pretty well, though.

Covergirl LipPerfection Most Worn
Heavenly, Divine, Siren

I’ve had some of this lipsticks for a long time, so my preferences have shifted quite a bit. Right now I prefer Heavenly for a more everyday look as it adds a bit of color to the lips without being too bright. Covergirl says that the corresponding Colorlicious shade is Guavalicious, which, despite the dumb name, does actually look like a decent match. My other two favorites, Divine and Siren, are definitely bold colors. Divine is a purple with just enough pink to make it easier to wear, while Siren is a sparkly hot pink. If you don’t like sparkles in your lip colors, you may have to give it a pass, however. Their corresponding Colorlicious shades are Verve Violet for Divine, which I think looks too light and soft to be a match, and Eternal Ruby for Siren,  which looks like a wine shade, so I have no idea how it is supposed to be a good replacement.

Covergirl LipPerfection Least Worn
Eternal, Fairytale, Feline

Two of my least used shades, Eternal and Fairytale were the first shades I bought, and I used to wear them all the time (as you can probably tell by the super worn off labels). However, I think my taste has shifted over the years. They are still beautiful colors, but I don’t find myself reaching for them nearly as much. Feline, as you might see from the sticker on it, was found in the clearance section at Walmart. I probably would not have picked it up if it were full price. The color is a pretty pink shade, but it is incredibly frosty. If it wasn’t so frosty, I would probably wear it a lot more. According to Covergirl you can replace Eternal with Enchantress Blush, which I don’t agree with. Enchantress Blush looks like a medium pink while Eternal is a very deep hot pink that can give a similar look to a red lipstick. The corresponding shade for Fairytail is called Euphoria which is another wine shade similar to Eternal Ruby. I don’t understand you Covergirl. “Oh, you loved this bright coral lipstick? I’m sure you want to replace it with a deep wine!” No, Covergirl, I don’t. I want another bright coral. The replacement for Feline is Garnet Flame which looks like an orangey-red. Covergirl, I think your replacement generator is broken.

Now I feel quite sad that Covergirl has retired this line. Hopefully when I’m in the US again, I can find better replacement shades than Covergirl’s website suggests.


Get A Travel Wallet – Travel Tip

Get A Travel Wallet – Travel Tip

Travel Wallet

I’ve been traveling internationally for a few years now and I’ve gone back and forth on the travel wallet train. My parents got me one when I went to Germany the first time, and while I liked it, I was a bit too lazy to move all of my stuff into every time I traveled. The Verlobter, on the other hand, worships at the Church of the Travel Wallet and tries to convert everyone he knows who is planning an international trip.

In the past, I’ve just tried to keep everything important in my regular wallet, which is quite large, but it’s not really set up to hold everything a traveler needs – and it is just slightly too small to fit in boarding passes without folding them. So, when I was choosing things to put on my bridal registry, I threw on this travel wallet on Amazon. The Verlobter has a sturdy leather (or faux leather, I’m not sure) one, but I wanted something bright that I couldn’t lose easily in my bag. I’m not sure how well it will hold up, but while I think we travel a lot, it is only once or twice a year. I won’t be using it daily, but I will let you know if there are any problems.

The thing I like most about travel wallets is that they are set up so that you can see everything easily when you open it. Mine has some mesh pockets, so you can secure important documents while still being able to read them. What documents you will need depends on where you are traveling to, but I went ahead and loaded my wallet up with what I will most likely bring with me to America when I travel in August.

Travel Wallet Details

I took some old boarding passes to show where they go, as we don’t have ours yet. Behind them is a mesh pocket that would be great for any luggage receipts if you have checked you luggage.

There is a zippered pocket where I will store cash, but you could also place small valuables that you want to keep on hand. I would advise against checking valuables, because of the risk of lost luggage or unscrupulous employees – though I’m mostly concerned about the lost luggage.

The gray pockets on each side are perfectly sized for passports. If you are keeping travel documents for more than one person in this wallet, for example if you are traveling with a child or you and your partner want to keep everything together, it would definitely be possible to keep a second passport on the other side. The Verlobter also keeps his International Certificates of Vaccines with his passport. I was given one by my German doctor, but I haven’t gotten it up to date yet. If you are traveling to a country that requires or recommends vaccinations, I would definitely slip you evidence of it into one of your many useful pockets. But I’m from the US, where we play fast and loose with our health records, unlike the Germans who are meticulous and organized.

The small pockets at the bottom of each side are perfectly sized for cards. For my organization, I keep my money related cards on one side and other cards, my health insurance card and drivers licence card, for example, on the other side. This just helps to prevent all the digging that I normally do in my everyday, unorganized wallet.

When you travel to the US, you have to submit a Customs Declaration. They will hand them out either on the plane or right before the passport check when you land, but you can also print one out in advance and fill it out before you leave, which I highly encourage. This gives you a chance to check your belongings before you leave and report everything more accurately. This is also your chance to make sure you aren’t packing anything you aren’t supposed to bring in, like meat or fruit. It’s much less stressful to fill it out when you still have your stuff in front of you than sitting on the plane and trying to remember how many bags of Haribo you threw in your suitcase.  You only need one form per household, which U.S. Customs and Border Protection defines as “members of a family residing in the same household who are related by blood, marriage, domestic relationship, or adoption.” The Verlobter and I just need the one form, and I usually fill it out because I have a weird thing where I like filling out forms.

The last thing I have in my travel wallet is a pen. Bring one. Some airlines will give you a pen and some won’t. I’ve forgotten pens several times. On a US Airways flight, I was told that I needed to ask my neighbors if I could borrow one. On a KLM flight, the flight attendant cheerfully handed me a miniature KLM branded pen. You never know, so just bring your own.

Do you think I have everything I need? What else would you put in your travel wallet?

First Impressions – P2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow

First Impressions – P2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen these swatches already from the p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow. I was shopping in dm, a Germany drugstore, and these are from the brand p2, which is exclusive to dm (they really like their lowercase letters).

p2 Sheen Supreme Swatches
p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow

Whenever I’m at the drugstore, I always check to see if there is a new limited edition display – and this one caught my eye, even though it was already a bit picked over.

Beyond Lagoon p2 Display

As you can see, the shadows are hiding in the back, but I was still interested in them – especially the one I ended up getting, Ocean Shimmer. I was curious what a gel eye shadow would be like, so I immediately started swatching. I was pretty impressed with how vibrant the colors were.  Ocean Shimmer interested me the most because it had a duo chrome kind of finish going on. At one angle it looks like an iridescent lavender, and at another it looks like an olive green.  They were only 4,45€, so I decided that buying just one wouldn’t hurt. As soon as I got home I started playing with it.

Here you can see the same swatch from different angles. There is a big color difference, but I definitely noticed more of the lavender sheen once it was on my eyes. The product comes with a doe-foot sponge applicator, which I’m sometimes wary about when it comes to eye products, but I think it worked well with the texture.

p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Applicator

The product feels very wet when it goes on, but it does dry down fairly quickly. I would suggest, however, that you don’t move your eyes around too much while it is drying – which I did while making crazy expressions to take pictures – as it will crease on you.

p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Ocean Shimmer
Just the shadow

I decided to do two looks for this shadow, a different one on each eye. The idea was to show how I might use the shadow in a glamorous look and how I might use it in a day to day look.

p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Day and Glam

Glam Look

p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Glam Look


p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Glam Look Products
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof, Essence Eyeshadow in Sweet Purpleline, NYX Eye Shadow in Club Crawl Clubbing, e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever

With both looks, I started with the Sheen Supreme shadow that was already on my lid. I blended the NYX shadow in Club Crawl Clubbing into my crease – it’s a purple-gray shade that I thought would bring some depth, and I used the Essence shadow in Sweet Purpleline to deepen it even more. I then busted out my Naked 3 palette, because that is where my only black eyeshadow, Blackheart, is located. I used that on the outer corner and blended it into the crease. This is where I started to run into a little trouble. The Sheen Supreme shadow doesn’t really blend when it’s dry. I did the best I could, and then added a little more of the Sheen Supreme on top of the middle of my lid and dabbed it with my finger. That seemed to do the trick. I used my black e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner to create a thick wing and then used the Essence pencil in Black Fever (which I have talked about before here) to line my water line. Before putting liner on my lower lashline, I took the Sheen Supreme shadow on an angled eyeliner brush and smudged it under my lash line to bring some of the color down. I topped everything off with my waterproof Catrice eyeliner (which was also featured here).

I like how the look turned out, though it is rather dramatic.  I can’t say anything yet about the wear time just yet, as this is my first time wearing it. I’m hopeful, though, given how it dries down completely.

Day Look

p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Day Look

p2 Sheen Supreme Gel Eye Shadow Day Look Products
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Lucky Lead

I wanted to try something lighter for day time. This look was much less involved than the “Glam” look. I started by using Limit and Nooner, both matte, natural shades, from the Naked 3 palette to add some definition to my crease, which is just my go-to technique for basic looks. I then took the shade Strange, which is a pale pink, almost white, shadow and swept it over the inner half of my lid. I wanted to bring in some brightness and tone down the shine a little on one half. I then lightly line the outer part of both my top and bottom lash lines with my Essence pencil in Lucky Lead, which is a charcoal gray. Then, like before, I topped off everything with the Catrice mascara.

I don’t think, in the future, I will start with the gel shadow all over my lid for a day look. I think it may look better dabbed on top of a matte shadow to add some shine, possible just in the middle of the lid. I’m definitely going to experiment a bit more, but I do like this shadow so far.

Have you tried out one of these gel shadows? What did you thing and how do you use it?

Weird German Things #9 – Tchibo

Weird German Things #9 – Tchibo

Have you ever been standing line at your cafe to pick up some coffee and though, hey, I really need some new underwear, but I have no time to go to another store? You haven’t? Well I haven’t either, but if I had, I would have been lucky that Tchibo exists.

Tchibo is a German coffee shop/random stuff store that you can find all over the place, often in city centers and train stations. It is seriously the weirdest place with the most random assortment of goods. You walk in and there is a regular coffee bar, and the one I was at had a cluster of standing tables and a little standing bar (it isn’t uncommon in Germany for coffee or snack places to have no chairs).

Tchibo Cafe
Sorry for the awful quality, I was trying to crop out people so I wasn’t being creepy. No pictures of the tables because they were crowded.

They also sell coffee machines – specifically of the single serve variety.

Tchibo Coffee Machines

But then you turn around and there is underwear hanging on the wall.

Tchibo Underwear
They also have other clothes, I just find the underwear weird in a store that smells like coffee.

They also have various household goods, like bathroom supplies, tableware, and essential oils/other smelly things.

Household wares and clothes are pretty much always there, but they bring in seasonal goods as well. Right now you can buy a radio that you can recharge with a crank and a pop-up two person tent. Just in case you forgot about your impending camping trip on your way to grab a cup of joe!

Tchibo Camping Supplies

Tchibo will also have displays in supermarkets where they sell their store brand coffee as well as some of their clothes and household goods – so if you don’t want to go to the coffee shop to get your coffee brand bras, you can still find them in other stores and online.

Makeup Testers Everywhere

Makeup Testers Everywhere

Post originally found on The American Faultier.

I’m not sure about countries outside of the US and Germany, but in the US, if you go to a drugstore/big box store (Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, etc.) and try to buy makeup, you kind of have to hope for the best. There are no testers outside of makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta, so if you want cheap makeup, you better hope that their packaging is representative of the product.

I’m a very pale person, so this has caused a lot of problems for me when it has come to buying foundation. My technique has always been to buy the lightest shade available and hope that is light enough. I ended up with a ton of non-matching foundation and concealer.

Ivory Foundation Swatches
All of these shades had “ivory” somewhere in the name.

There was also a problem in determining if a product was a great deal or just low quality – really hard to tell when everything is sealed up. I relied a lot on reviews online, but a lot of people have different preferences and their skin reacts differently for products, so you can never quite tell if something that worked for someone else will work for you.

Then I discovered that I could walk into a drugstore in Germany, such as Müller or dm, and actually find testers for makeup products – and Müller in particular has a giant price range.

This means that I can get a rough idea of what a product looks like and feels like before I commit to buying. Though, unlike some people I see in the store, I won’t swatch products on my face. It really grosses me out when I see girls putting on lipgloss directly from the tester tubes, so there is a downside. But I can still get a good idea if a product will definitely NOT work (see “ivory” swatches above.)

They also have the same setup regarding perfumes, huge price range and a ton of testers! Sometimes a store like Target or Walmart might have testers out, but other times everything is totally sealed up. How am I supposed to buy a perfume if I don’t know what it smells like? Though, I will say that I have taken advantage of “sampling” really high end perfumes.

I love being able to test a wide range of products in one store. If you fall in love with something really expensive that you can’t afford, you can walk two aisles over and compare it with something less pricey – which I personally suggest with anything trendy. Also, I may only love one or two shades in a palette, but then I can find the colors in single packages in other brands. And I’m still on a hunt for a bronzer that doesn’t look awful on my pasty face, but I’ve saved so much money on stuff I didn’t buy looking for the right one!

People outside of the US/Germany – are testers for inexpensive makeup common where you live? Which country is the weird one, the US or Germany?

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