Flags Everywhere #12 – Lidl’s America Sale

Flags Everywhere #12 – Lidl’s America Sale

Several weeks ago, the grocery store Lidl had a sale on American-themed products, and I forgot to post my finds!!! Clearly this lapse must be fixed, so here is what I saw, all adorned with red, white, and blue packaging and pictures of Lady Liberty. How can you get more American than that?

American Frozen Snacks

I’m not sure what “Amerikanos” actually are, they look like chicken tenders to me. I’m also not sure how many Americans would eat chicken tenders with curry dip. But the Statue of Liberty is on it! Must be American. Also you can see some wraps off to the side, include Fajita wraps. I guess they’re more Tex Mex than Mexican, so they can get a soft pass.

American Cookie Brownies

It’s a cookie on top and a brownie on bottom! As an American, I can affirm that we do love putting different foods together. It is also individually packaged, which means you can snack these on the go. Or even bring them to an American elementary school party where they won’t allow anything homemade and not individually sealed because GERMS. Or food allergies, but when I was a kid the concern was about germs.

American Canadian Maple Syrup

What is more American than original Canadian Maple Syrup? Wait…

American Erdnuss Flips

Nothing says “American” like a non-American food with a Statue of Liberty on it. Germans, most Americans have no idea what these are. Americans, these are basically peanut Cheetos.

American Style Snack Box

We buy some of the American foods, this snack box included. Because I didn’t read the box (I’m American, duh), I thought the Chili Cheese Nuggets were actually Chicken Nuggets, so I was confused and disappointed when I ate them. Also, you might excuse the pairing of Mozzarella Sticks with Chili Dip here, because they’re in a pack with other snacks, but you should know that most packs that I’ve seen, at least, of just Mozzarella Sticks come with some form of Chili Dip, either spicy or sweet. I find this very confusing. Where is the Marinara Sauce?!

For those in Germany, the McEnnedy line is actually a regular line at Lidl, so you can find some American Products year round. I think they just came out with some special ones for the sale. But you can always buy chicken nuggets and Hawaiian pizza.

5 thoughts on “Flags Everywhere #12 – Lidl’s America Sale

  1. They have those in Sweden too but the Lidl in our town is way too far away for me to justify making the trip! O and those peanut things are a thing in Sweden too just a bit different and so so nasty!

    1. We can walk to ours and that’s actually where we do most of our grocery shopping, so it’s not an extra trip for us. I actually kind of like the peanut things, but I also like a lot of foods other people think are disgusting, like black licorice.

  2. When I first moved here I tried all the “Americaner” stuff and found that it really wasn’t that American. But it’s nice to see all the options, nonetheless. 🙂

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