Weird German Things #9 – Tchibo

Weird German Things #9 – Tchibo

Have you ever been standing line at your cafe to pick up some coffee and though, hey, I really need some new underwear, but I have no time to go to another store? You haven’t? Well I haven’t either, but if I had, I would have been lucky that Tchibo exists.

Tchibo is a German coffee shop/random stuff store that you can find all over the place, often in city centers and train stations. It is seriously the weirdest place with the most random assortment of goods. You walk in and there is a regular coffee bar, and the one I was at had a cluster of standing tables and a little standing bar (it isn’t uncommon in Germany for coffee or snack places to have no chairs).

Tchibo Cafe
Sorry for the awful quality, I was trying to crop out people so I wasn’t being creepy. No pictures of the tables because they were crowded.

They also sell coffee machines – specifically of the single serve variety.

Tchibo Coffee Machines

But then you turn around and there is underwear hanging on the wall.

Tchibo Underwear
They also have other clothes, I just find the underwear weird in a store that smells like coffee.

They also have various household goods, like bathroom supplies, tableware, and essential oils/other smelly things.

Household wares and clothes are pretty much always there, but they bring in seasonal goods as well. Right now you can buy a radio that you can recharge with a crank and a pop-up two person tent. Just in case you forgot about your impending camping trip on your way to grab a cup of joe!

Tchibo Camping Supplies

Tchibo will also have displays in supermarkets where they sell their store brand coffee as well as some of their clothes and household goods – so if you don’t want to go to the coffee shop to get your coffee brand bras, you can still find them in other stores and online.

13 thoughts on “Weird German Things #9 – Tchibo

  1. WHAT!? Haha, oh my gosh…. So strange. I would have never thought that would exist, but I guess here it is… existing.

    It was so great to meet you at #ltbloggers today. =]

  2. Oh man, I am/have always been SO confused by Tschibo! Do not understand their business model (coffee.. and fleece jackets?!), but it seems to work! (shrug)

    1. I don’t understand it either, but I regularly find myself drawn in if I have time to spare in a train station.

  3. I used to live in Germany and did get the buy a set of men’s boxer briefs that were the best underwear I have ever bought. Ever. Weird but true.

  4. So true! I quite like the shop, but having a latte and croissant surrounded by random household stuff can be quite unsettling!

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