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Drugstore Trip

Drugstore Trip

I went on a drugstore run the other day (for me, this means Müller and/or dm) in order to pick up a few replacement items. Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I managed to walk into a drugstore and left with just the things on my list. I, of course, spotted a few new things, and couldn’t resist. But, before I dive in to the new stuff, let me share what I actually went to the store for.

Replacement Drugstore Items
ebelin Wattepads, Manhattan Endless Perfection Makeup in Light Porcelain, essence lipliner in 12 Wish Me A Rose, essence long lasting eye pencil in 18 Berry Merry

I first went to Müller, mostly because it was closer to me at the time. I need to get a few essence pencils – a lipliner in Wish Me A Rose, because I cannot find my old one and I’ve been wanting to use it a lot lately, and an eye pencil in Berry Merry, which I had ended up using completely up. I’ve raved about this eye pencil before and had been meaning to grab a new one for awhile. I was going to also pick up the Manhattan Endless Perfection Make Up in Light Porcelain at Müller as well, but for some reason someone had opened both available bottles and used the pumps on each of them. That’s gross and unnecessary, because there was a tester tube right below them.

I’ve been wanted a replacement of this foundation for awhile. I originally purchased it several weeks ago and had really been liking it, but then I dropped it on the floor.

Smashed Manhattan Foundation
Womp womp…

My fiance tried to “fix” it for me, which is why the bottle is covered with tape, but I didn’t want to rub glass into my face, so I threw it away.

I ended up finding a clean bottle at dm, thankfully. I realized when I was in Müller that I needed to go to dm anyway, because Müller’s cotton rounds frankly suck. The last tube I bought was from their Duchesse line and the rounds kept coming apart when I would try to get them out of the package. The dm ones hold together much better. I use cotton rounds daily for makeup remover and my Garnier Micellar Water and I like them better than cotton balls for removing nail polish.

That’s all I meant to pick up, but of course that didn’t happen. The new stuff:

New Drugstore Items
essence long lasting eye pencil in 19 Hot Scorch, trend IT UP High Shine Lipstick in 040 Shiny, trend IT UP Ultra Matte Lipstick in 050 Matte, Notebook from Tedi

Like I said, I have trouble going into a drugstore and not buying something new. When I was in Müller picking up my pencils, I took a look at some of the eye pencils that I didn’t already have. Hot Scorch looked like it would be a nice addition to my essence eye pencil collection. It’s a pretty metallic bronze, and I think it will do a good job helping looks transition from late summer to early autumn.

When I went in to dm, I was met with a glorious sight. I had notice a new line popping up here and there on instagram, but I hadn’t seen any physical evidence of it until now.

Spotted the Trend It Up display for the first time at #dm_deutschland. Loving the #lipstick shades!

A photo posted by Jennifer – The Faultier (@faultierbeauty) on

It seems that dm has a new exclusive line called trend IT UP – why dm cannot follow normal capitalization conventions, I can’t understand, but I’ll just write it like they do. I supposed this line is aimed at a younger and hipper crowd than their regular p2 line. The packaging is mostly matte black, giving it an overall sleek appearance. I decided to restrain myself and pick up only two lipsticks at 2,25€ each. I grabbed one Ultra Matte and one High Shine so that I could compare them, and I’ll have a full first impressions up for the next post.

Lastly, I had to run by Tedi to pick up some cheap batteries – Tedi is our all around cheap crap store. I’m proud of myself, because I only bought one notebook instead of 500 little things. I was using my trip to America as an excuse to shop for a new notebook, and then had to get this one because it has little country stamps on it – include several USA stamps. It’s perfect for travel!

Are you able to stick to your lists? Or are you like me, and you inevitably stock up on more stuff?


KLM Chaos

KLM Chaos

I had been trying to decide when would be the best time to publish this story, but I suppose that since we will be in the air when this publishes, it’s as good of a time as any.

When the Verlobter and I were preparing to travel to the US for Christmas, we did our usual scrounging of the cheapest flights possible. Once I get a full-time job, I will probably put an end to this, because I feel like we are definitely getting what we pay for. Anyway, for Christmas, we ended up booking a flight through KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines). We got a good deal, but we ended up with two layovers on the way there, once through Amsterdam and once through Atlanta. We had never had a layover in Europe before on the way to the US, but we figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Cut to our first flight being delayed and having to run/walk (because we don’t run) across Schiphol. We had looked at a map beforehand to see where we were going, and the airport had looked much smaller on the map. Whoops! We made it to the gate just in the nick of time. Thankfully we were the only ones late, because we had to go through a second round of security at the gate, which we did not expect. I had to toss my water bottle that I got at the Frankfurt airport. An employee at the gate told us that our luggage would not make it onto the plane, and told us to file a request for it once we got to St. Louis. Fantastic.

The plane for the long-haul flight looked like it was falling apart. I was not terribly impressed with KLM at this point. The Verlobter had this god-awful box under his seat. This is why using Seatguru is important. I think we actually did look up our seats after we booked them and thought, “Oh, it can’t possibly be too bad!” We were wrong.

KLM Seat Box

The cover on the seat in front of me was coming off and my pillow had a weird mystery stain on it. And the sound from the in-flight entertainment seemed crappier than usual, but maybe I was just looking for anything at that point.

I will say, however, that the KLM flight attendants were fabulous. They were incredibly friendly and helpful, and enabled my tiny water bottle hoarding. About halfway through the flight, I got really paranoid that our luggage somehow did make it on the plane and that we would not pick it up at customs.

Background information for those who have never flown into the US. After you go through your passport check, you have to get your checked luggage even if you have a connecting flight. This is not my experience with flying into other countries, and I think it is rather unusual because people frequently seemed confused. If you have a connecting flight in the US, you are supposed to walk your baggage past the customs officer who checks you customs form, and then you put it on a conveyor belt or hand it off to an employee to send to your final destination.

I was concerned that our checked baggage actually made it onto our flight, but we would leave it in Atlanta because we were told it wouldn’t be there, and because we had nothing in writing that we were told our baggage wasn’t going to make it, that once we filed a report in St. Louis, they would think we were dumb tourists who couldn’t follow directions, and they would charge us a fee to get us our bags. Isn’t it fun how my brain works?

We asked a couple of flight attendants what we should do and if they had any way to find out if our bags actually made it or not. They had no way to tell, but one of the flight attendants told us that we could ask a Delta employee once we cleared the passport check and they should be able to look it up. I was still nervous for the rest of the flight, but at least we had a plan. The Verlobter, on the other hand, was completely chill about this all, even though he would have no other clothes if our checked bags didn’t make it.

The passport check once we got into Atlanta was a little bizarre, because it was our first time using automated kiosks. We scanned our passports, answered a few questions, got our pictures taken, and the Verlobter scanned his fingerprints, I think. I assume this is to speed up the process of when you talk to a real person, but I don’t think it really did. For one, so many people were completely baffled by the computers that it was likely holding up the line even though there were a ton of them. Then when we got to the actual person, they asked us all the same questions again anyway. The only time saver was the picture and the fingerprinting (though both of our memories are fuzzy on whether or not that happened at the kiosk), but usually the employees ask you the questions while they are doing that.

We finally made it through, and I hunted down some Delta employees. I clearly told them that we had been told that our luggage would not make it, and we were still given the standard answer of having to pick up our bags even if we had a connection. I know they get asked dumb questions all day, but that’s why I started with the information that I already knew the procedure and what I was really asking about. Once we cleared up that I did understand, but again, we were told that our baggage wouldn’t make it, they kind of shrugged us off and told us that we could double check the baggage belt if we wanted, but if we were told that it wouldn’t be there, it probably wasn’t there.

The Verlobter suggested that we make one circle around the belt, and if we didn’t see it, to just move on. As we approached the belt, I saw my suitcase sliding down. While I was happy that we wouldn’t have to deal with a luggage claim, I was livid that all of my paranoia was justified. Now I will never believe anyone who tells me my baggage isn’t going to make it, and I’m going to be the crazy person who insists on having everything in writing before I move on. The KLM employee all the way back in Amsterdam didn’t even say that our luggage might be missing, she said it wasn’t going to make it. Definitively. My brain still explodes over this.

The rest of our journey was thankfully uneventful, except for spotting some parents allowing their child to play with Play-Doh on airport carpet.

Play Doh on Airport Carpet
Seriously? Who does that?



Beauty Wish List – USA Edition

Beauty Wish List – USA Edition

I’ve been seeing a few wish list posts pop up lately, and I think I’m going to need to hop on the bandwagon. However, I am going to restrain myself a little bit, otherwise I’d have a wish list that is five miles long. If didn’t already know, I’m an American immigrant living in Germany. This means that there are some products and brands that I can’t get anymore! I’m flying to the US tomorrow, so I figured I should prepare a wish list for things I can pick up while I’m there. These are all from brands that I have been unable to track down in Germany.

1. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Stain

I’m a huge fan of the regular Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stains, particularly in the shade Honey (which I will be picking up a replacement of), but I haven’t tried the matte variety. I want to give them a try, though, because the regular Balm Stains are so easy and comfortable for daily wear. I’m gravitating toward the shade Elusive, because that looks like it would be great for a “my lips, but better” kind of look, but if anyone has suggestions of ones that they love, let me know!

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Stain Elusive
Product Image from Target

2. Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette

I’ve seen some lovely things about the Sonia Kashuk line on YouTube. It’s exclusively available at Target, so you would think I would be all over that, but the price seems to be in this awkward middle between drugstore and high end. I’m not sure if I can work some of the products in with my budget, but I would love to try the Eye Couture Eye Palette – Eye On Neutral 02. It’s all neutral mattes, which I am sorely lacking. I’m drawn mostly to shimmers and metallics, but I know I need some mattes to balance out, and I’ve seen some wonderfully professional looking all matte looks, which would be pretty hard for me to achieve with my current collection.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette - Eye On Neutral 02
Product Image from Target

3. CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick

I’m not sure if this is really a wish, but after finding out that the CoverGirl LipPerfection LipColors were discontinued, I really want to see how their replacement holds up. My standards are pretty high regarding pigmentation and lasting power. I’m gravitation toward the shade Temptress Rose, though I’m not completely sure why. It just seems to be the shade I like the most while flipping through the images. I will say, though, that the name Colorlicious is really dumb. I don’t have to say it out loud because I’m blogging instead of making a video, but man, LipPerfection sounds way less stupid.

CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick Temptress Rose
Product Image from Target

4. Hard Candy Fierce Effects Shadow Duo Eyeshadow

Hard Candy is a line that is available exclusively at Walmart, so I will never find their stuff here. I have one eyeshadow palette from them (the green Top Ten Trendsetter one), which is okay, and their Glamoflage which is wonderful. Super pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way! I’ve heard that their Fierce Effects shadows are just like the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows, but at less than half the price. Unfortunately, Walmart’s website is telling me they’re out of stock right now! Hopefully they get more before I get there. I would probably pick up a pack with the shades Soft & Sultry which are a very pretty green and gold. I don’t think I’ve experimented as much with green eyeshadow as I would like to, probably because I over did it in high school (green and gold were our school colors, and I was very involved in spirit days). I think this would be a nice way to start to work in a different color than normal.

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Shadow Duo
Product Image by Walmart

5. Pixi Correction Concentrate

Pixi is another Target exclusive brand, I believe, and I’ve seen this product in particular pop up on a lot of the YouTube videos I watch. Apparently the coverage of this concealer is wonderful and the shade Brightening Peach can be used to counteract blue under eye circles, which I’ve been noticing more and more in myself. I have yet to settle on an under eye concealer that I really love, so I figure this one might be worth a try. Like with the Sonia Kashuk line, Pixi products do tend to be a little pricier than other drugstore products, so I will have to see how it fits into my budget before buying.

Pixi Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach
Product Image by Target

I know it looks like I’m shilling for Target, but I’m not getting paid for it. I’m just really basic and love them.

*Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate links.


Globus Notebooks – Awkward English

Globus Notebooks – Awkward English

It is a glorious time here in Germany, even though students in Rheinland-Pfalz just got out of school, it seems, due to the staggered vacation scheduling (which I will probably post about in more detail later), students in Nordrhein-Westfalen are already heading back! This means that, even though everyone here is deep into vacation, there are school supplies everywhere! I love buying office and organizational supplies, even though I am one of the least organized people you will ever meet.

The Verlobter and I walked into Globus with his family, and after I managed to tear myself away from the 1€ bin, I was greeted with this beautiful sight.

Globus Stationary

I actually became so deeply engrossed that the Verlobter moved on without me, realized I was missing, and then started calling my name across the store. I hollered back that I would be awhile and he continued on.

I’m on a budget right now, so I unfortunately could not go crazy – and I just got 30 gel pens from Lidl, so I just picked up a teacher planner for my upcoming classes (still freelancing) and a set of desk organizer bins for my new gel pens and all the other crap I keep around and probably don’t need. I did spot some great notebooks however.

Globus Awkward English Notebooks

Desert-themed school supplies seemed to be quite popular this year, I spotted a display elsewhere that had macaron erasers, so this notebook wasn’t surprising. And “Enjoy Life” and “Be Happy” are decent bits of advice, but “Sweet Love” just strikes me as really awkward, so into the Awkward English section it goes.

I assume the other notebook is meant to balance out the sugary cuteness by being all dark and science-y, and what is more science-y then vomiting a random English word cloud onto a notebook meant for German school children. While writing this, I just noted that the word “vandalism” was included, and now I really want to know what text the stationary company used to generate this thing.

In an only slightly related note, Germans don’t seem to be that into mechanical pencils. In fact, they teach their children how to write with fountain pens. I’m going to have to pick up a jumbo pack of those cheapo Bic (or Target brand) mechanical pencils when I’m back in the US.

Just for funsies, I made a word cloud for The American Faultier using HTML5 World Cloud.

American Faultier Word Cloud

Ombre Lip Tutorial

Ombre Lip Tutorial

So yeah, I’m way behind on the trends. Ombre has been around for awhile, and I’m sure that now that I’m getting into it, it’s going out of style. But whatever. I picked up some lip pencils from Kiko the other day that I thought would look absolutely gorgeous together, the Smart Lip Pencils in 707 and 709, so I put them together. I ended up adding in one of my Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in 903C Just Peachy, but I think it looks great skipping that step as well. I just wanted a little more dimension, and Just Peachy lightened things up a bit.

So how did I get my Ombre look?

Step 1: Start with bare lips

Ombre Lips Step 1

I put on a bit of lip balm beforehand, as the products can be a bit drying, but you want a nice clean canvas to start with. Please ignore my sweaty face throughout this tutorial. We don’t have air conditioning.

Step 2: Line with your dark color – Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in 709

Ombre Lips Step 2
Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in 709

I start with a thin line around my lip line to make sure everything is in place. Then I go back and thicken it, while trying to blend it in a bit toward the center. As you can see here, the top is a bit better blended than the bottom, but that will all be remedied when we add the second color.

Step 3: Add your medium color – Kiko Smart Lip Pencil 707

Ombre Lips Step 3
Added Kiko Smart Lip Pencil 707

I will fill in the middle of my lip with short, vertical strokes. I think the up-and-down motion helps the colors blend together nicely. For a more natural look, you can stick with a darker neutral shade and a lighter neutral shade, but I like the way the cooler pink transitions into the warmer coral. It’s totally possible to stop here, as you already have a beautiful ombre look, but I wanted to bring a little more lightness to the center.

Step 4: Dab a light shade in the center – Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 903C Just Peachy

Ombre Lips Step 4
Added Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 903C Just Peachy

This step gives the lips more dimension by offering a greater contrast between the center of the lips and the outer edge, which is pretty much the whole point of an ombre look, but you lose some of the richness of that medium coral shade. Because my lips were already fully covered, I only dabbed the lipstick in the center, so that it would blend in a bit, but not move too much around. Just Peachy is a really hard shade for me to pull off on its own, because it doesn’t like my skin tone. But I think it works quite well when mixed with others.

Ombre Lips All Steps

Cooler pink shades suit my skin tone much better than warmer corals and peaches, but I think by utilizing an Ombre look and putting a cooler shade on the outer edge, I can make the warmer shades much more wearable. Make sure to keep everything well blended, however. Ombre doesn’t work well with harsh lines. Then you’re color blocking or something – I’m still catching up on all the trend terminology.

I think this is a great way to play with new colors, however, and finding new ways to wear colors that you may not otherwise wear as much.


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