Eiskaffee – Favorite German Things

Eiskaffee – Favorite German Things

When you order an “Iced Coffee” in America, you get a cup of black coffee with ice cubes in it. When you order and “Eiskaffee” in Germany, which sounds like the same thing, you get coffee topped with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream. I’ll let you decide which sounds better.

Mmm, lecker!

The first time I ordered an Eiskaffee I was pleasantly surprised, because I was truly expecting coffee with ice cubes. Instead I got one of these delicious concoctions. It was a translation error that actually worked out in my favor.

While “eis” does translate to, and sound like “ice” – Germans usually use it to refer to ice cream, because they don’t do the ice cube thing with drinks. If you want to avoid any confusion, just stick with “Eisw├╝rfel” which is “ice cube(s)”. If you order a Coke and ask for ice in a very American accent, they will likely make the connection that you don’t want a Cola Float, but you can never be to sure. Unless you want ice cream in your Coke, of course.

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    1. Thankfully that’s not an awful mistake to make. I’ve had some mix ups before with other false friends, though.

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