Guest Post – Bailie Hemborg

Guest Post – Bailie Hemborg

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been missing lately! I’m currently in the United States, recovering from my wedding and a week of leading around sight-seeing Germans. Thankfully, I have a guest post for you all so there won’t been two whole weeks of complete silence. I was a bit too optimistic about posting while here!  So, without further ado, a word from a lovely guest poster about the things she misses from America!


Hello! I am Bailie from The Hemborg Wife and I am so excited to be joining you here today!

After being in an international relationship for 7 years I have my set items that I always pick up when we are in the US and I thought I would share them with you today! These are things that are easy to find in California but impossible to find in small town Sweden or so expensive I just pretend they do not exist!

Source: Makeup Alley
Source: Makeup Alley

Any and all St. Ives scrubs will do for me! I have been using this product since I was in high school and every Sunday and Wednesday I am an exfoliating maniac. I am so excited that when we move to the UK I will be able to buy it at my local drugstore and it will not be taking up suitcase space any more!

Sam's Club Beef Jerky
Source: Sam’s Club

This is the best brand of beef jerky ever ever ever and when we go to California we usually eat about 3 of the big bags and bring two home with us! I know so much salt but o how heavenly it is!

Maybelline Great Lash
Source: Amazon

This is another product I have been using since high school and in California I can get three THREE for the price of one in Sweden so I always stock up!

Source: Amazon

So this one may seem super weird because Sweden obviously has toothpaste but none I have tried have the feeling on this Aquafresh one! I love it so much and obsess over how great I think it is whenever I get some and then am so sad when it is all out!


I am really that the Sundsvall library has an English section but it does take them a fair while to get new books in so I always get a few, or as many as I can shove into my suitcase without going over in weight into my suitcase!


Lastly I bring you shoes!!! Just this summer I saw TOMS being sold in Sweden but I have been buying them in California and bringing them home with me for years as they are my absolute favorite! I will let you in on a secret I have a not worn pair in my closet right now just waiting for the current pair I am using to bite the dust!

What do you think am I being crazy or would you also lug these things along with you?

To see more of the things I love and Swedish scenery follow me along on Instagram!

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