Super American Things – In America!

Super American Things – In America!

I’m back!!! Now that I’m back in Germany, I’m going to attempt to return to my usually posting schedule. A second thanks to Bailey for her guest post which helped to keep my page from going totally dead.

Before I get into really picking apart my trip, I’m going to start with grabbing some pictures I took that highlight just how American America is.

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Fellow Americans or those who have visited America, what is the most American thing you have seen?

3 thoughts on “Super American Things – In America!

  1. Giant Flags attached to vehicles, mostly trucks, but I’ve seen tiny little cars with them as well. Being in the South you can often see the trifecta: US flag, confederate flag, and the Gadsden flag (the one with the rattle snake and “Don’t tread on me”). If you’re really, really lucky there may be a fourth flag–a flag with a giant number 3 on it for Dale Earnhardt.

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