Oh Tedi…

Oh Tedi…

This is a pretty magical time of the year to visit Tedi. They’ve put out the Christmas stuff, but the Halloween things are still hanging around, leading to wonderfully questionable decoration choices from the employees.

Questionable Tedi Decorations

Gotta love the ghouly specters hovering over the cheery Santas and snowmen. They also have snowmen Santas with a bit of a Rastafarian vibe.

Rasta Santa

And awkward pin-up pose Santas.

Pin-Up Santa

Continuing on with their trend of cultural insensitivity, in between the Hipster Owl and Oktoberfest Goat notebooks, they also had some country themed notebooks decorated with stereotypes.

Country Notebooks
I only found Brazil, India, and Australia.

I didn’t think it was too bad until I noticed the “Holy Cow!” on the Indian notebook.

India Notebook Close Up
Oh Tedi…

Word vomit as decor seems to be a trend now, with house/family rules wall “tattoos”.

As well as these napkins, whose makers really need to hire a proofreader.

Word Vomit Napkin

Crustaceans? Fresh Fish? Is this a list of pretty beach things or a menu?

Word Vomit Napkin

Don’t worry about us, we’re just sharing lifes while cocooning in our haven of peace.


This store is just so entertaining, and I didn’t even buy anything! (I wanted to, but their card reader was down.)

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