Killing Time Before Work – Awkward English

Killing Time Before Work – Awkward English

Due to a misunderstanding about some paperwork, I ended up leaving my house way to early for work one day. I was hoping to deal with said paperwork before work, but there was nothing to deal with yet, so all the time I had allotted to deal with German bureaucracy turned into downtime.

So I did what I always do when I have stuff to do, I roamed the cheap crap stores and looked for things that would be interesting.

In Zeeman, I was greeted with a dishcloth that I did not understand.

Still don't understand
What do you mean?

They had another cloth that followed the current “word vomit as decor” trend, but all I could think of was #blessed.


They also had a tin for coffee that I assume was trying to be cute and vintage-y, but I was a little distracted by the innuendo.

Risque Coffee
Always fresh, always hot! *wink*

They also had a variety of clothes. You could support your favorite #sportball #team with this sweatshirt.


And ensure that your spawn understands the importance of social media with puns.


I ventured forth to Kik, which had children’s clothes with baffling sayings.

But what does that mean?
“Follow the Traces” – traces of what?!
Ready, Rebel? RULE! But can you really command a rebel? Is that what this shirt is attempting to do?
Ready, Rebel? RULE! But can you really command a rebel? Is that what this shirt is attempting to do?

And then you had one girls’ shirt that ventured into creepy territory…

Creepy Kitten Shirt
Meow Meow Meow – Everyone Needs a Cute Little Kitten – ummm, how about not?

The wording of the adult shirts at Kik weren’t quite as odd, but the typography was bizarre.

Awkward Typography
Did you pay someone to design that for you?!

The most awkward thing I found though, didn’t have anything to do with English, however. It was an “Engelstasse” or “Angel’s Mug”.

Angel Mug

This is the most uncomfortable looking mug I’ve ever seen.

Angel Mug Uncomfortable

All I can thing when I see this mug is:

Beeeeach Please


3 thoughts on “Killing Time Before Work – Awkward English

  1. Haha, that mug. I guess that was a design process haha lol “What can we do to make our mug different?”
    The sign is great though. I’d rather be at the beach right now … lol

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