German Barbecue Sauce is Subpar

German Barbecue Sauce is Subpar

Another Lidl America Week has come and gone, and I almost felt like I was becoming desensitized to it, until I saw this new offering.

Barbecue Fish

I first saw the Cheese & Onion fish filets and thought, well that’s a bit odd, but then I saw the Barbecue variety. What are these shenanigans? Maybe it’s a regional thing, but I’ve never seen someone pair a breaded fish filet with barbecue sauce before. But it has the Statue of Liberty on it, so it must be American! (Just like these Peanut Cheetos)

This also has reminded me that I have been unable to find a decent barbecue sauce since moving to Germany. “Decent barbecue sauce” is pretty hard to define, as standards vary regionally, but my personal preference is for the dark, thick, and smokey variety. Well that’s not at all what you find here. Everything is like watery ketchup with spices thrown in. Granted, we’ve avoided the expensive imported stuff, because we’re cheap, but you would think we’d be able to find something German made that works. Even the Heinz version sold here, which I thought would be a bit more “American” is a bit of a letdown.

I was really hopeful that living in the land of delicious pork steaks everywhere, I’d be able to find decent condiments for said delicious pork steaks.  Maybe I just need to learn how to make my own. Is that a complicated process? I honestly have no idea. I don’t really cook at all. Though now that we have a fancy table grill, I should probably look into making fancy barbecue that we can enjoy even in the winter.

I will happily take recommendations from fellow expats for good barbecue sauce – or even a recipe, and I promise that I will not put it on fish. That’s just gross.

6 thoughts on “German Barbecue Sauce is Subpar

  1. Haha I love this! I do wonder what proper sauce tastes like now. They sells the same stuff over here in The Netherlands as they do in Germany so I don’t know any better

    xx Izzy

  2. You need to get out more. Germans also enjoy barbeque, but what you may have come to know in the States is not universal. Try ziguener or jäger sauce or any of several mushroom specialties that are prepared in Europe. You are buying the worst stuff because of the packaging! That’s like asking an eskimo for a sunbath.

    1. Oh, I enjoy German sauces plenty. This post is just a heads up that what is labeled as barbecue sauce here doesn’t quite match up to expectations.

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