No Longer Saving Daylight

No Longer Saving Daylight

This post is essentially A Lesson in Latitude Part 2. Way back when Daylight Saving Time had just started, I wrote about how the never-ending sun was freaking me out. Now that Daylight Saving Time is over, the perpetual darkness is bringing me down. The sun is already racing to the horizon around 5:00 pm, and I know that, come December, we’ll be having complete darkness after 4:30. Add the days of fog we had earlier this week to that, and I’m ready to move to the tropics.

I’m not sure how people further north can handle it. My energy levels have crashed hard. I would love suggestions from Scandanavian/Canadian/Other Northern readers on how to keep from falling into a spiral of cold and darkness over the winter. Last year around this time, I was starting my integration course, so I had something new and exciting to distract me from the feeling that I moved to the North Pole. Now my routine is turning into a rut, and I need some happy things to get me out of it.

So, as a reminder to myself, here are some things that I actually do like about colder weather.

  1. Scarves


I require scarves to keep me from freezing, but I do quite like them. I’ve got an ever-growing collection of scarves to keep me warm and cozy. In a pinch, my big ones can double as a blanket.


2. Boots


I love boots. I like the way they looks and I find them very comfortable. Like with the scarves, my collection is growing, much to the dismay of Mr. Faultier. I know a lot of people like to bust down fashion rules and wear boots in the summer, but I can’t handle my feet getting sweaty, so I avoid it. Cold weather means I can start wearing boots again.

3. Christmas


I love Christmas, and German stores are not shy about bringing out the Christmas stuff starting in October. (They usually wait a bit longer to decorate, the above picture is from last year.) I also enjoy the German Christmas markets, and we’ll travel around to different towns with family to check out what the different markets have to offer.

4. Thanksgiving


Last year, I was in Germany for Thanksgiving, so we invited my husband’s family over for an American-style Thanksgiving dinner! I made green bean casserole, which is one of the few dishes I have been able to cook successfully, and we helped different family members find recipes of other things they could try. We will hopefully being doing this again this year, and I will have a lot more details if that happens!

5. Hot Coffee

This picture was taken in August, but it was already starting to get cold then.
This picture was taken in August, but it was already starting to get cold then.

Like with boots, I know that hot coffee can be enjoyed year round, but it’s not quite as good in the summer. While I’m pretty much never close to a Starbucks, a nice, hot latte macchiato from a bakery can make gross, dreary days a little bit better.

4 thoughts on “No Longer Saving Daylight

  1. I know I am in the minority, but I kind of like it. Candles get lit, the fairy lights get turned on, and the evenings are just so cozy! I love it! Also, I think any Altstadt with its lights on in the evening feels Christmassy, even when it’s the middle of summer. LOVE IT.

    1. Maybe I would like it more if I could convince Mr. Faultier to keep the apartment warmer, but we saved a lot of money last winter and now he has a goal! I do like when all the Christmas stuff goes up. I’ve been slowly gathering decorations and it’ll be nice when the Christmas markets go up.

  2. Thank you for reminding me to buy new comfy boots haha. 🙂
    The picture of you with the scarf looks so cute ^.^
    Sadly it’s pretty fast gone after christmas. I think it’s nice that when it gets darker a lot of lights are on the buildings but afterwards they’re all gone =(
    I love Christmas markets! I hope you’ll have fun going to them 🙂
    Instead of coffee I prefer tea. 🙂 But it’s such a life saver during the cold months – just like my PJs haha.


  3. I’m glad to help! I want new boots as well, but it’s hard to justify at the moment with how many I do have!

    We have some tea as well, but it’s mostly herbal and I need the caffeine. We do have a great stash of this apple cinnamon tea we stocked up on from Walmart, and it’s wonderful.

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