Fleischkäse – German “Meat Cheese”

Fleischkäse – German “Meat Cheese”

Fleischkäse translates literally to “Meat Cheese” – which sounds disgusting – and is basically a type of meatloaf – which also sounds disgusting. In other regions, it’s known as “Leberkäse” which means “Liver Cheese.” I don’t know why anyone would willingly order that, but I’m not German. As you can see, I’m quite skeptical of various processed meat products. Especially ones that look like this:


It gets sliced up like a loaf of bread and put on bread rolls, essentially tasting like warm, thick bologna. It’s definitely not my jam, but boy, do the Germans love it. Also popular, and visible on the right side of the picture, is a pizza variety with peppers, cheese, salami, and other pizza-y stuff mixed in. I have not tried it because I can’t imagine pizza bologna tasting good.

If you love spongey, salty, meat-like products, this would be something to try – and Germany is a country you should consider moving to.

2 thoughts on “Fleischkäse – German “Meat Cheese”

  1. 1. Leberkäs is delicious.You should buy a mini one and bake it at home (eat it with a Spiegelei and some mustard!).
    2. You could never live with my boyfriend, because he eats a minimum of two slices (each about 1 inch thick) every day for lunch. Yes, I know.

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