Getting Deliveries

Getting Deliveries

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Yesterday I got to run around to two different places to pick up packages. It’s that busy time of the year where we are ordering presents for other people and receiving gifts from our family in America. If I were still living in the US, this would mean that I would come home to a stack of boxes on my front porch. Because I live in Germany, this means that I come home to four pieces of paper in my mailbox – one saying to go to one post office to pick up a package, one saying to go to another, one saying that my neighbor has a box for me, and the last saying that they will come back tomorrow. What a headache.

Here it seems that requiring a signature for a package is a default instead of an added security measure. I’m used to delivery people squeezing in boxes behind my screen door, or just leaving things out for the neighbors to walk off with. Mr. Faultier was quite nervous abouut this when he ordered something expensive to be sent to me in the US. I left a note for the UPS person, asking them to kindly leave the box in my shed and lock the padlock, which they thankfully did. Asking for a signature in some areas can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Depending on who is doing the delivery, they may not hold it for you and just insist on coming back day after day when you are not home. Or their location is quite far away.

Most of our packages here get left with neighbors, which I find a bit odd. I feel like I’m imposing on them, and because our apartment building is locked, I don’t see why the box has to be left with a person and can’t just wait in front of the door. But the almighty signature is needed!

We’ve been feeling bad lately because our neighbors have had to take so many packages for us. We’ve bought chocolate for them, but I don’t know if that makes up for the annoyance. We aren’t able to return the favor of holding their boxes for them, because we seem to always be gone at delivery time.

It has just begun...
It has just begun…

When the package is left at the post office, it’s not that convenient for us, but I at least don’t feel like I’m inconveniencing others. I am worried now, because you need to show your ID to pick up your package, but I’m in the middle of the process of switching names. I get packages sent to both names, and I worry that I’ll have to go pick up one that I don’t have an ID for. You can fill out a form on the paper they leave you allowing someone else to pick up the package for you, would I have to do this for myself? It hasn’t happened yet, but delivery season is still young. Family who may be reading this – if you send me something, either send it to Mr. Faultier or put my maiden name on it, please!

And we do have the equivalent of a PO box, but I keep forgetting to use it. It would be more useful, I suppose if we did.

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  1. Our delivery people are so lazy they will often leave packages for everyone in the building and the building behind with us. I wish my neighbors bought me chocolate as a thank you…… 🙂

    1. It was Mr. Faultier’s idea. Though I think now has a plus product that is a thank you box of chocolate specifically to give to people who pick up your packages for you. You may need to drop some hints to the neighbors.

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