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Perfect Man and Woman – Lessons from Tedi

Perfect Man and Woman – Lessons from Tedi

I missed my first train home today, because I got too distracted in Rossmann. But I think it was good, because I learned a lot. In the pranks/gag gift section of Tedi, where I always go to kill time, I found these blow up dolls (the PG kind) of the “Perfect Woman” and the “Perfect Man”. Of course, these are full of sexist stereotypes, but it was a bit fun to see where those stereotypes overlapped with American culture and where they differed.


The Perfect Woman


  • Fragt nie, ob ihr HIntern zu fett ist! – Never asks if her butt is too fat! (Why is this a stereotype?)
  • Merkert nie! – Never complains!
  • Holt ohne Wiederworte Bier! – Gets beer without arguing!
  • Kann gut kochen! – Can cook well!
  • Geht nicht gerne shoppen! – Doesn’t enjoy going shopping!
  • Braucht keine Aufmerksamkeit! – Doesn’t need attention!

So, according to Tedi, the perfect woman just silently cooks all day and retrieves beer. I’m pretty sure you can get a robot to do that.


The Perfect Man


  • Ist ein guter Liebhaber. – Is a good lover.
  • Verdient gut! – Earns a lot of money!
  • Liest dir jeden Wunsch von den Augen ab. – Reads all of your wishes from your eyes. (Which is good, because apparently the perfect woman never talks…)
  • Mag ihre beste Freundin! – Likes her best friend! (I don’t know who “her” is here…)
  • Hiflt dir immer im Haushalt! – Helps you always around the house!
  • Pinkelt im Sitzen! – Pees while sitting!

The Perfect Man is a bit more “German” – I had to ask Mr Faultier about the wishes in the eyes think and I know that peeing while sitting is a thing here as well.

I have trouble imagining the Perfect Woman and the Perfect Man being a couple. The house would just be silent with the woman always in the kitchen and the man just buying her things she tells him she wants telepathically. I just imagine the woman as a robot and the man as an Amazon gift card.

Catrice – 50% Off Products

Catrice – 50% Off Products

I had a lovely surprise when I walked into Müller today. When I got to the Catrice display, I noticed an employee removing some items from the shelves and placing them into a box marked “Sale -50%”. Now, I’m all about sales, especially when were talking one as deep as 50% off.

50% off bin of Catrice products! 😍😍😍 #bbloggers #sale

A photo posted by Jennifer – The Faultier (@faultierbeauty) on

According to their website, they’re discontinuing a lot of shades in preparation for a new launch for Spring and Summer – so now is the time to buy up everything at a discount before it’s gone!

My Müller mostly had eyeshadows and nail polishes left, and I grabbed six of the shadows. I talked myself down from the nail polishes, because I am awful at painting my nails and I have enough polishes that I never use, but if you like nail polish, go pick some up! There was a pretty wide range of colors discounted – not just clearly unpopular shades. I also picked up an eyeliner, because why not? 50% is basically free, right?

Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow

Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow - 030 Jump up and Brown... 070 Princess Mattleine 040 Al Burgundi
Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow – 030 Jump up and Brown…, 070 Princess Mattleine, 040 Al Burgundi

According to the list of discontinued items, all of the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows are going to be gone soon. I hope they bring out something similar, because, just from my swatches, the formula seems pretty nice. They aren’t actually matte, however. 030 Jump up and Brown… is the closest to matte, but it still has a slight sheen, while 070 Prince Mattleine is pretty much a satin finish and 040 Al Burgundi has a bit of metallic plum shine to it. They’re quite soft, especially Princess Mattleine, which has a nice peachy tone that I think will look quite lovely across the lid or as a transition shade.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono - 880 On The Cover Of PastELLE, 890 Here Comes The Bright!, 400 My First Copperware Party
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono – 880 On The Cover Of PastELLE, 890 Here Comes The Bright!, 400 My First Copperware Party

Not all of the Absolute Eye Color Mono shadows are leaving, just a handful of shades that are mostly neutral or purple. The ones I got are all very shiny, and I don’t think the swatch quite does it justice. Not going to lie, I literally gasped when I swatched 400 My First Copperware Party because I was so surprised at how pretty and pigmented it was. It’s a gorgeous coppery-brown that is highly metallic. I hope it performs just as well on the lids. 880 On the Cover of PastELLE is a creamy pink that has a bright white shine. I am a bit concerned that it will be too bright to use as a highlight shade, but I’ll have to try it out. 890 Here Comes The Bright! is a super pale lilac that has a bluish-purple duochrome effect, and I want to try layering it with different colors to see how it interacts with them.

Catrice Kohl Kajal 190 Cleopetrol

Catrice Kohl Kajal 190 Cleopetrol
Catrice Kohl Kajal 190 Cleopetrol

There was only one shade of the Kohl Kajal on sale, so if you’re a big fan of the formula, have no fear. I picked up 190 Cleopetrol mostly because I don’t have anything quite this bright, and I thought it might be fun to have with Carnival/Mardi Gras coming up. It’s a brilliant teal with a small amount of shimmer, and it seems quite smudgey so far. I’m not sure if it fully sets or not. This is not a color I plan on wearing regularly, so I can work with a little messiness if it doesn’t.

Have you seen any discount Catrice bins at your stores? Are any of your favorite products leaving you? Tell me below!

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essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara

essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara

Why are mascara names always such a mouthful? I mentioned before about needing to find a replacement for my Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara, and about a month ago I picked up the essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara. I was drawn to it because it was significantly less than 10€ (the cost of the Maybelline one), but the brush looked similar. The brush for the plump no clump! volume mascara (without the deep black) looked even closer, but why would I go for normal black when I could go for deep black?

essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara wand, Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara wand
essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara wand, Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara wand

I normally try to use a mascara for a week or two before truly passing judgment. I feel that the formula on most mascaras dries out a lot right after it’s opened. This is true for The Rocket (Seriously Maybelline? You’re going to make me use this dumb name?). It’s very wet when I first use it, and a bit messy, but after I’ve used it a bit, it dries out a bit and works really well.

When I tried out the plump no clump! mascara (Ugh, essence, you, too?), it was just like that as well. A bit too wet, clumped my lashes together a little, but not much different than a new tube of The Rocket.

However, it’s been awhile and it still hasn’t dried out. I clean off and keep old mascara wands to use as lash combs, and I have to use one every time I apply this mascara or my lashes will stick together. I thought it was no clump, essence!

bara lashes on top, essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara on bottom
bare lashes on top, essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara on bottom
essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara
bara lashes on top, essence plump no clump! deep black volume mascara on bottom

This is my second failed essence mascara. I had the i love extreme crazy volume mascara, and it was worse. The wand was pulling out too much product, and I was able to fix it by trading out the wand with a thicker one I had – but mascara should come with a workable wand.

I don’t think too much product is the problem with the plump no clump! however. I think the formula is just to thin to stay in place on my lashes. On top of my lashes sticking together, I have been unable to apply it without it transferring onto my lid or under my eye. It will also smudge throughout the day and is just terrible to put on the lower lash line.

essence plump no clump deep black volume mascar
Notice the transfer above the lashes, as well as flaking below. This is without combing the lashes through with a clean mascara wand, which makes a bigger mess.

I’m tempted to just go back to Maybelline, since my attempt to find something different was such a disaster. Are there any other brands I should try first? Or is it worth it to just go back to something I know I love?

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New Year’s Eve in Germany

New Year’s Eve in Germany


The holidays were a bit crazy for me, but now I’m back to work and settling into a routine again. Now that I’m back to writing, I thought I’d share a bit of what I did over my Christmas vacation.

We had a small New Year’s Eve (or Silvester) party at our apartment, which required a cleansing of the apartment, with a bit of help from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It looked great, if only I could keep it that way.

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There are some typical New Year traditions in Germany that are a bit different for me. I’m used to staying up and making a bit of noise at midnight, but other than that, my American New Year’s Eves have been fairly uneventful. Germans, however, don’t just make a bit of noise. They set off an crazy amount of fireworks in the streets. It puts the Fourth of July to shame.

Now, our street was much quieter than Berlin, but we did shoot off fireworks for awhile.

I inherited my mother’s nervousness around them, however, and I made Mr. Faultier get the kids’ packs instead. Though, I’m not sure I agree with what the Germans think are appropriate for kids.

Pyro Fun!

It was also strange to me that we could pick these up at the grocery store. Here, stores are allowed to sell fireworks just for a few days before Silvester. But that’s still a difference from St. Louis where they’re illegal all year round. You have to drive to a different county to get them. Here, we could just pick them up with our groceries.

We also attempted another tradition – Bleigießen. It means “lead pouring” and involves melting bits of lead and dropping them into water to see what your future will be like. Whatever the metal blob kind of looks like is supposed to symbolize how the new year will go for you. As someone who had to get tested for lead poisoning as a child because of shady miniblinds (pun originally not intended, but I’m keeping it), this worried me more, initially, than the fireworks. Last year, when I tried it for the first time, I was adamant about washing my hands immediately afterwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This year, however, I don’t think we actually got lead in our packs, because they would not melt. I posted pictures to Snapchat (FaultierBeauty) but failed at actually saving them to my phone. We bought our packs from Tedi, but we talked to someone else who got some from Kik, and they also didn’t work. Did anyone actually have functioning Bleigießen this year? Please tell me where you got it from, because I don’t want to be disappointed again next year.

Finally, a true German Silvester would not be complete without watching Dinner for One. What is Dinner for One, you ask? It’s a 10-minute, comedic sketch, entirely in English that is actually super depressing and is played every year in Germany for New Year’s Eve. I really do not understand why it is popular, but it is.

It features an old woman who has her butler pretend to be her four dead friends at a dinner party, and as the dinner continues, the butler gets increasingly drunk as he has to drink for four people at each course. I’m still trying to figure out German humor. Even though it showed at a dozen different times, we still managed to miss it on TV. But we were able to pull it up on YouTube. You can watch it, too.

What are some of your New Year’s Eve traditions? Can you beat lead melting and depressing comedy sketches?

Beauty Christmas Presents

Beauty Christmas Presents

I’m back! Now that the Christmas/New Year festivities are over, I’ll be back to posting more regularly. And I’ve got some new material from various presents and holiday shopping. The first thing I want to share are the presents my husband got me. They are all beauty related! He’s such a good listener.

Christmas Gifts
Venkon Make Up Organizer Sorting Stand, NYX Butt “Naked” Eyes Makeup Palette, Real Techniques starter set and core collection

We’ve got a rotating organizer, a palette, and two brush sets! It’s like Christmas! 😉

I haven’t gotten around to filling up the organizer yet. That will probably be a post in itself, because my makeup collection requires a massive organization overhaul. I have been using the palette and brushes so far.

I absolutely love the brushes and have pulled out some favorites so far that I think are really improving my makeup application.

Real Techniques starter set
Real Techniques starter set – deluxe crease brush and fine liner brush

My favorite starter set brushes are the deluxe crease brush and the fine liner brush. I’m a bit surprised that I like the deluxe crease brush as much as I do. I normally prefer fairly floppy crease brushes and this one is really full. But I’ve found that it’s magical at applying transition shades or light crease colors. It makes a light everyday look go much faster. The fine liner brush also ranks up there as a game changer for me. I had been using angled liner brushes for cream and gel liners, but usually it would get too messy or out of control. So far, I’ve found that this liner brush gives me a lot more control and will help me use some of gel liners a lot more – like the Kiko gel liner, which never comes off, which is good when it’s where you want it to be, and not so great when you make a mistake.

Real Techniques core collection
Real Techniques core collection – buffing brush and contour brush

My favorite core collection brushes so far are the buffing brush and the contour brush. I’ve been using the buffing brush to blend in my liquid foundation, and I feel it gives me a much more natural finish than my damp faux beauty blender. It’s also fabulous at applying my Manhattan 2 in 1 Perfect Teint powder, and I can see it as a great multi-tasking brush for travel. The contour brush reminds me a lot of the Studio Small Tapered Brush from e.l.f., but it’s a lot softer. I usually use the Small Tapered Brush for contouring, but I found that the softness of the Real Techniques brush allows me to blend things out a lot more quickly. Pretty sure this means that I’ll be contouring more.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that palette. Mr. Faultier got me the Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette from NYX. It’s a lovely cool neutral palette, which I think may be a hint to start wearing more natural looks.

NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette
NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette – Eyeshadows
NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette
NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette – Face Products

It’s a versatile palette with 15 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, a bronzer, and 2 highlighters. The packaging is lovely and seems quite sturdy, though something had taken a corner out of that peachy highlighter before it got to me. I’m sure you could imagine my fear when I cracked open the box and saw sparkly powder floating around. Thankfully it was just that one corner.

NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette - Swatches
NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette – Eyeshadow Swatches

I have no idea what’s going on with the first column of the eyeshadows. All the other shadows have fair pigmentation except for that column. It’s a shame because they are shades I think I would wear a lot, but now they’re relegated to transition shades for bolder looks.

My absolute favorite shade is the middle one in the second column. The pictures do not do it justice. In the pan, it looks like a light pink, but it’s got this gorgeous pale gold shine. It’s incredibly shiny and I’ve been using it as an inner corner highlight.

I’ve still got to play around with this palette, but the first column notwithstanding, it looks like it will be super useful, especially for everyday work looks and for travel – and that’s not even taking into account the bottom tray!

NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette Blush Swatches
NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette – Blush Swatches

I think the blushes are the standout of this palette. They are all richly pigmented and easily blended. You get two corals (one matte, one shimmer) and two pinks (one matte, one shimmer), and I think this combination of finishes and warm/cool tones makes it very versatile. I wish they had individual names, because I have a feeling I’m going to run out of at least one of these before the rest of the set, and I’d love to find a replacement.

NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette - Bronzer and Highlight Swatches
NXY Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette – Bronzer and Highlight Swatches

The bronzer is too warm to be used as a contour, but it is also the softest, most pigmented product in the whole palette, so I will have to try using it to bring an all over warmth to the face. It’s not a good time of year for me to try that, though. I’ll have to wait until the sun comes out a bit more.

I want to love the highlight shades, but unfortunately I can only like them right now. There is chunky glitter mixed into the product that I just can’t get behind. It’s a shame though, because without the glitter chunks, they are lovely warm highlight shades. And there is a great shine to them that doesn’t come to the glitter.  I’m wondering if there is a way to flick off the large glitter pieces when using them, maybe with a fan brush? I really want to use the peach shade more, but I don’t want to look like I’m at a middle school dance.

How do you think Mr. Faultier did with the present picking? And did you get anything beauty-related for the holidays?

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