The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

This summer, my husband and I were able to spend three weeks in the United States. We visited Chicago for a few days, spent time with my family for a week, and the flew out west to embark on a rather ambitious road trip. Our first big sightseeing stop was the Grand Canyon.

It’s a complete cliche, but you really cannot imagine the vastness of the Grand Canyon until you see it yourself. It’s impossible to capture the sheer size in 2D. That didn’t stop me from taking a ton of pictures, though.

We took the tourist route. We went to the South Rim and took shuttles to different viewpoints. If you’re feeling mildly adventurous, there are trails connecting many viewpoints, and you can walk between them instead of waiting for the shuttle. We did do this between some viewpoints that were relatively close together – though it was August and very hot outside.

It’s definitely better to get there as early as possible. When we arrived, around 8:30 a.m., parking was easy to find and the shuttles were mostly empty. By the time we left, in the early afternoon, the lots were full and the aisles of the shuttles were packed with people who had to stand.

And just a quick warning before you visit:

I had read the warnings about squirrels carrying plague on Yosemite’s website, so when I saw the super friendly squirrels at the Grand Canyon, I backed off, because, y’know, plague. But other people would squeal and try to pet them. Do you want to catch the plague? Because that’s how you catch the plague.

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