Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park in Arizona (not to be confused with Red Rocks Park in Colorado) was actually a Google Maps find. We knew that we were going to be driving from Flagstaff, AZ, to Phoenix, AZ, and I wanted to know where we could stop at along the way. We were planning a road trip, so we needed to do things on the road!

The website boasted pictures of beautiful landscapes and advertised a “family-oriented 5-mile trail system”. Given my low athletic level I, figured that “family-oriented” would be suitable. We could stretch our legs a bit and enjoy some beautiful sights.

When we pulled up at the entrance to pay our $14 ($7 per person) fee, the attendant made sure that we understood that this was not a drive-through park.

I had initially planned out a rather short, but very easy route. But my husband convinced me to venture out a bit farther. And I’m glad he did! My route would have kept us down in the forest, which would have been an easy, level hike, had limited views. I highly recommend that if you find yourself at Red Rock State Park that you at least go on part of the Eagle’s Nest Trail. You have to climb a bit, but the views are completely worth it.

This is the route we took. I originally wanted to stay on the Kisva Trail (KI) the whole way across. More mosquitoes and fewer pretty views.

This may have been my favorite park – it wasn’t very crowded, but it also wasn’t deserted. The views were gorgeous. And we actually hiked a little, instead of jumping out of cars and shuttles just for pictures. I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing what else in the area is worth exploring.

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