Skeptical Me


“Faultier” is German for “Sloth” – It translates literally to “lazy animal” which is why I chose it for my name. I also love sloths. You’ll see me around social media as “AmiFaultier”, but my name isn’t “Ami” – it’s just slang for “American”. My name is actually Jennifer.

I moved to Germany in June 2014 to be with my German fiance. I called him the Verlobter before we were married. “Verlobter” is German for “fiance” – Clearly I am quite creative with nicknames. Now that we’re married, though, I call him “Mr. Faultier” because he’s just as slothy as I am.

Currently I’m working as a freelance English teacher. In America, I was a high school teacher, but right now I’m quite enjoying working with adults instead of teenagers. My new, fairly irregular, scheduled has opened up some time for me to write more, so I started this blog around the time I was ending my integration course. I write about my adjustments to my move and frequently feature instances of Awkward English or random American flags that I see here. I find my observations amusing and I hope you do, too.




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