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Halloween Look – Easy Vampire

Halloween Look – Easy Vampire

Originally Posted: October 5th, 2015

I’ve sadly got no Halloween plans this year, because Fastnacht is really the big costume holiday in Germany. And working full-time is sticking sucking away all of my energy. But, in celebration of the upcoming holidays, I’m reposting my Halloween makeup tutorials!

I get really excited when Halloween is coming up because I love playing with costumes, especially costume makeup. I minored in Theatre for my Bachelor degree and one of my favorite classes was the stage makeup class. I feel that my crazy makeup creativity is waning a bit, but I think I will try to get it going again with my take on a Halloween staple – the vampire.

I didn’t use any specialty makeup for this, so if you’re looking for something that you don’t have to buy anything for, this may work well for you. I didn’t have any plastic fangs on hand, but if I choose to do this as a full Halloween costume, I will go out and buy some cheap ones.

But now on to how I did it.

Vampire Eyeshadow

I like to do my eyeshadow first in case it gets messy, which can happen quite easily with dark or shimmery colors. For my eyeshadow here, I started with a primer all over the lid area. I used the e.l.f. Essential Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer in Sheer. Then I started adding color by patting my Maybelline Color Tattoo in 70 Metallic Pomegranate all over the lid (found a use for it!). I brought it up into the crease a bit, making sure to blend it out before it set. Once it sets, it’s not moving, which is great if you’re going out.  I then took a black shadow into the crease and the outer corner. I used Blackheart from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, because that’s actually the only black shadow I own. Black shadow looks great on vampires, but not so much on your everyday pale girl.

Vampire Eyeliner

For eyeliner, I did a very dramatic wing with the Kiko Lasting Gel Eyeliner. It’s super black and does not move easily. I’m actually really terrible at getting my wings even, but with q-tips, makeup remover, and patience, I got it done. I rimmed the waterline and lower lash line with the essence long lasting eye pencil in 01 Black Fever. If you wear contacts, you’ll want to be cautious with this eyeliner, as it can stick to your lenses. I then took an angled eyeliner brush and applied some of the Maybelline Color Tattoo underneath the lower lash line to make it a bit more smoky and bring in a little color. I topped off my lashes with Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara in Very Black which has been working very well for me.

Vampire Eye Products
Products Used: Kiko Lasting Gel Eyeliner, Maybelline Color Tattoo in 70 Midnight Pomegranate, Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (Blackheart), e.l.f. Essential Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer in Sheer, essence long lasting eye pencil in 01 Black Fever, Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

Moving on to the rest of the face, you want to grab your palest foundation (which for me is the one I use every day). I put on a bit more than I normally would to get rid of much of the color I have in my face. Conceal any blemishes as needed.

I took my highlighting and contouring “routine” into overdrive to get a more dramatic look. The order you go in may very depending on your personal preference and the products you use. I used a liquid highlight and a powder contour, so I did the highlight first, powdered my face, and then went in with the contouring powder.

Vampire Highlight

For the highlight, I used the e.l.f. Studio HD Lifting Concealer in Brightening. I went quite high on my cheekbones and along my jaw to attempt to get a more angular look. I need to replace this concealer, but I haven’t been able to find any this pale. If anyone knows of any super brightening liquid concealers available in Germany, I’d love recommendations!

After I blended in my concealer, I then put a heavy layer of the essence all about matt! fixing compact powder all over my face. It’s meant to be colorless, but if you pack it on, it gives a bit of a white cast to the skin, which we actually want here! Vampires are not known for their glowing complexion.

Vampire Contour

Usually when I contour, I try to keep it subtle, but not today! I like using the essence I love nude eyeshadow in 05 my favorite tauping – yes it is an eyeshadow, but it’s matte and a nice cool brown shade that works really well for me. I concentrated particularly under my cheekbones and under my jaw and a little at my temples and the side of my nose, again trying to create a more angular look than I have naturally. People tend to identify vampires with really angular, skull-like faces, so that’s the look I was going for. I didn’t use any blush or shimmering highlight because I decided matte skin conveyed that undead look much better. This isn’t a Twilight movie; real vampires don’t sparkle.

Vampire Face Products
Products Used: e.l.f. Studio HD Lifting Concealer in Brightening, Manhattan Endless Perfection Make Up in 56 Light Porcelain, essence I love nude eyeshadow in 05 my favorite tauping, essence all about matt! fixing compact powder

Eyebrows came after the face. I have no reason for this, it’s just how I like to do it.

Vampire Eyebrows

For the eyebrows, I initially was just going for a sharper arch than I normally do, using the essence designer pencil in 02 Brown (not pictured because I forgot it…). Then I overdid it a bit and ended up with the little flick on the arch, which I quite liked, so I added it to the other side as well.

Lips I saved for last, and I wanted to make them more clearly vampiric because I didn’t have any teeth. I went for a bloodstained effect around the mouth, but if you want something more glam and less messy, you can replace it with something more “vampy” like a solid dark lip or and ombre look (as demonstrated in this post).

Vampire Lipstick

I used two lipsticks to get this effect. First I dabbed all over my lips and outside the lipline with my Manhattan X-treme Last & Shine in 54V and then blotted further with a tissue. This isn’t sold anymore, unfortunately. However, any brick red with orange undertones will give you a “realistic” bloodstained look.

Then I applied a darker shade, the Misslyn Lipstick in 119 Love Temper, all over the lips, but within the lipline. Then I used my tissue to blot just around the outside of the lips so that the lipstick blended more evenly into the other color. I did this a few times and added a few more dabs of the Manhattan lipstick to get the desired look and then added an extra layer of Love Temper right in the center of the lips.

And that finished off the look! Add some black clothing and fangs and you’re ready to go!

Vampire Full Face
And remember to scowl. Vampires don’t smile. They only brood.


What I Got in Japan

What I Got in Japan

Recently, my husband and I spent three weeks in Tokyo, Japan, which was an insanely long vacation for me. I’m not complaining, though, it was wonderful!

Before and during the trip, I searched around a little for some recommendations for beauty products to pick up, because my addiction never takes a holiday. I picked up a few things that I had read about, but also grabbed a few that just looked appealing to me at the time.

Sheet Masks

LuLuLun Face Mask Balance Moisture Type and Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask
LuLuLun Face Mask Balance Moisture Type and Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask

It seems that everywhere I read suggested stocking up on sheet masks whenever visiting East Asia – and the Lululun brand was on the top of the list of Japan. From what I gathered, the pink ones are a basic, moisturizing type, while there are also blue “high moisture” ones and white “brightening” ones regularly available, along with a wide range of special edition types. I stuck with the normal ones, as I’m new to the sheet mask game.

I also picked up the Pure 5 Gold Essence Masks because they had gold in them (such luxury!) and hyaluronic acid. In my previous post about hair care, I mentioned being drawn to anything with argan oil. Hyaluronic acid is the equivalent for my face. This is only because Dr. Google told me it was super moisturizing, but my face did feel very nice after using the masks!

Heroine Make Mascara

Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara
Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara

This mascara seems to have rave reviews everywhere, so I had to give it a try. I ended up liking it so much, that I had to buy a back-up before we left.

It has a little curved wand that I think works really well at distributing product. While it is a bit heavy and seems to weigh down my lashes if I don’t curl them, if I do, it holds them in place all day. It does have fibers in it, but they seem to be quite fine and don’t get clumpy.

Also, this is the Super Waterproof variety, and that is no joke. I thought my Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara was a bit difficult to remove, but it’s got nothing on this. I’ve got to let my lashes soak in a dual-phase eye-makeup remover for a bit before it even has a chance of budging.

Eyelash Curler

Japanese Eyelash Curler

I’m kicking myself because I can’t find the box for this, so i can’t really give any specific information about it – other than I bought it at the Akihabara Yodabashi, which is primarily an electronics store. It was just an inexpensive little eyelash curler, but one of the things I liked about the eyelash curlers is that they came in different shapes and sizes – and some brands advertised the actual measurements.

I often have a problem with eyelash curlers being too flat for me, so I can get all of my lashes in them at once. This curler is much more curved than any of my old ones, and I only need to curl my lashes once to get all of them. For those with the opposite problem, there were also flatter, longer curlers available!

False Eyelashes and Glue

Loujene Lashes and Eyelash Glue
Loujene Lashes and Eyelash Glue (no like, I couldn’t find an online retailer)

I actually bought two pairs of false lashes from Loujene, but I lost the little case for the, so they’re just sitting in a plastic container I had for something else. These lashes and the glue were actually from the 100 yen store, so we’re talking less than a euro in cost here. The glue didn’t work very well, but the lashes are great! I’ve cleaned off my other pair already, and they seem fairly sturdy for the price and how delicate they look.

That’s really what I love about them. The individual lashes look very natural looking and are softly tapered at the end, which blends in my better with your actual lashes. When I compared them to a pair of essence half lashes, the difference was pretty striking.

Loujene Secretly Volume-up 02 Lashes, essence lashes to impress 03 half lashes
Loujene Secretly Volume-up 02 Lashes, essence lashes to impress 03 half lashes

I do like that the essence lashes have a clear, sturdier band, but the look is so very different. I definitely go the impression that much more natural looking false lashes were popular in Japan.

Kate Eyeshadow

Kate Brown Shade Eyes - BR-3
Kate Brown Shade Eyes – BR-3

Kate was one of the drugstore brands I saw recommended for eyeshadow, so it ended up being my choice to test out. I ended up getting this quad because it was one of the more pigmented ones I found, and I couldn’t resist that rosy-bronze shade in the middle.

Kate Brown ShadeEyes BR3 - Swatches
Kate Brown Shade Eyes – BR-3

Almost all of the eyeshadows I swatched were very shimmery, and many were quite sheer. If you watch Lisa Eldridge’s East Meets West video, this is reflects a trend for a lot of lightness around the eyes, as opposed to the western super-smokey look. You can even see this in the directions for how to use the eyeshadow quad that came on the packaging.

Kate Brown Shade Eyes Instructions

Maybelline or Covergirl would tell you to pull that deep shade right up into a defined crease, while these instructions have you use a lighter shade for definition (this may also have something to do with different eye shapes being more prevalent in different populations). I will say that I haven’t tried this method yet, I’m a little stuck in my current ways.

Have you ever brought back interesting beauty products from a trip? Tell me in the comments!

*Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate links.

My Hair Care Routine

My Hair Care Routine

Hair care is a little beyond my realm of comfort, but a conversation on an Instagram post a couple months ago clued me in that normal hair care routines can vary much more widely than I realized.

Shampoo – 250ml, Conditioner – 200ml. Why do you do this, Germany?! If anything the conditioner should be the bigger one! #haircare #rant

A photo posted by Jennifer – The Faultier (@faultierbeauty) on

While this seems like an absurd shampoo/conditioner ratio to me, apparently it isn’t really here. I would really appreciate it if people left an overview of their routine in the comments so we can compare!

A note as well, after watching this video by Julia Graf, I decided to minimize silicone in my hair care products. While I don’t think silicone was damaging my hair, I think having it in my regular shampoo, conditioner, and all my styling products weighed down my hair. I’ve notice a change in volume since I switched, and if you feel like your hair is really flat or weighed down, it may be something to try. I still will use products with silicone occasionally as styling products, but they are not longer part of my regular routine.

The Routine

I’ll get into the specific products I’m using now in the next section, but I just wanted to go over the typical structure of my routine. I wash my hair every other day or so. Back when I washed my hair daily, it would get greasy incredibly quickly. It took a few weeks for my hair to get used to an every other day schedule, but I think it’s much happier and my second day hair doesn’t look much different from freshly washed.

When I do wash my hair, I use 2-3 products and which type of product I use varies a little based on how my hair is feeling. I have five primary products that make this routine.

  1. a “daily” shampoo
  2. a “daily” conditioner
  3. a deeper-cleaning shampoo
  4. a hair mask
  5. a leave-in conditioner

For most washes, I use my “daily” shampoo and conditioner. When I shampoo, I focus it primarily on the roots and then work the excess through the ends and rinse immediately. I do the opposite with the conditioner. I apply it from the middle of the hair down – imagine pulling your hair into a ponytail and applying it right above where the band would be down to the ends – and then work the excess left on my hands through the roots. This process helps to remove the oil and sweat at the scalp without stripping all the moisture from the ends. I also won’t rinse out the conditioner right away. I put it up with a plastic clip and let it sink in for the rest of my shower. If my ends feel a little dry after rinsing out the conditioner, I will also add a bit of leave-in conditioner. I have very low tolerance for “dry” hair. I doubt my definition of dry is the same as most people!

I’ll use the hair mask instead of my regular conditioner once every week or so, or if I’ve used my deeper-cleaning shampoo. I only break out the stronger shampoo if I’ve used a lot of additional product in my hair or have gone a bit longer than normal between washes. I always pair it with the hair mask, because as I’ve said, I’m very sensitive to dry hair.

I usually wash my hair at night and sleep on it wet. In the morning, I’ll spray some water on it to make it behave and brush through any bumps, like the cowlick on the back of my head. If it refuses to behave, I’ll put half of it up, but that’s about it.

The Products

My “Daily” Shampoo and Conditioner – Balea Professional Pures Volumen Shampoo and Spülung (Conditioner)

Balea Professional Pures Volumen Shampoo and Spülung
Balea Professional Pures Volumen Shampoo and Spülung

Growing up, my family almost never had matching shampoo and conditioner, but when we did, I would get a little excited to use them. I think that why, now that I’m in charge of my shampoo shopping, I try to match my regularly used products. It’s probably silly, but I think they are made to work together! Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to a whole matching line!

Balea is a drugstore line from the German store dm, and as such, the products are pretty inexpensive – the Professionals shampoo and conditioner are 1,35€ per bottle, and the regular ones are only 0,55€ per bottle. So far, I’ve been very happy with all the Balea products I’ve tried, even thought I have to buy two bottles of conditioner for every bottle of shampoo, but if you’re traveling in Germany, I would highly recommend.

While, I don’t think the Pures Volumen products give me 3 times volume (that would be pretty difficult, I think), I have noticed my hair being a bit fluffier since using them. They’re marketed for fine, flat hair without any volume, and I do think they work well with my hair. They also claim an anti-static effect, but I hadn’t paid enough attention to the static in my hair before to notice a comparison. As with every product it seems, these contain two super-special ingredients – phytokeratin and cotton-extract. I don’t know if they make a difference, but if you want those things in your hair, go buy this!

Deeper Cleaning Shampoo – Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Glanz (Shine) Shampoo

Garnier Clearly Naked Glanz (Shine) Shampoo
Garnier Clearly Naked Glanz (Shine) Shampoo – DE, UK, US

This bottle is empty, but I still have some in a travel bottle floating around somewhere. While this is not technically a clarifying shampoo, that’s how I use it. Herbal Essences definitely conveyed the message of clear and cleansing with their packaging and I went for it, but it does work quite well for that purpose. It leaves my hair pretty squeaky clean and can be a bit drying if I don’t use a heavier conditioner, but it gets everything out, so two thumbs up there.

It’s special ingredients are white tea and mint extracts, and it smells quite fresh and minty.

Hair Mask – Garnier Wahre Schätze Tiefenpflege-Maske (Deep-Care Mask) Argan- & Camelia-Öl

Garnier Wahre Schätze Tiefenpflege-Maske (Deep-Care Mask) Argan- & Camelia-Öl
Garnier Wahre Schätze Tiefenpflege-Maske (Deep-Care Mask) Argan- & Camelia-Öl – DE, UK
Garnier Wahre Schätze Tiefenpflege-Maske (Deep-Care Mask) Argan- & Camelia-Öl
Garnier Wahre Schätze Tiefenpflege-Maske (Deep-Care Mask) Argan- & Camelia-Öl

This line from Garnier has different names everywhere. The name “Wahre Schätze” translates to “True Treasures”, but in the UK the line is call “Ultimate Blends,” and in the US it’s “Whole Blends.” The US line doesn’t seem to have the Argan and Camelia Oil products, which is a shame.

I know I’ve already made fun of the “special” ingredients twice this post, but I’m a sucker for Argan Oil. If it says Argan Oil on it, I believe it’s going to be full of moisturizing magic. This mask does not disappoint. Like I said in my routine section above, I’ll apply it in place of conditioner when I think my hair needs extra moisture, and it works wonderfully. It will rinse out completely and leaves my hair soft, but not greasy. I highly recommend it if you’re trying to kick up your hair’s moisture.

I’m tempted to try the other products, but I’m worried that it would be too much moisture for my hair if I used that many deep moisturizing products on it.

Leave-In Conditioner – Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch (Moisture Hair Milk)

Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch
Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch

And back to Balea! I picked this up right when I made the switch to silicone-free products and assumed that my hair would feel drier without the protective barrier of silicone. It did at first, and I used more of this product then, but as my hair has adjusted and I’ve figured out a balance of other products, I don’t need it as much.

It’s got peach and coconut in it, which I don’t think does much, but it smells delicious! I’ll massage a pump or two into wet hair when I think I need it and it adds a small softness boost without weighing my hair down. It claims an anti-dry effect and that it’s meant for damaged and dry hair. With occasional use, I think it’s best for those who just want a little extra moisture, but I think that when used with other moisturizing products, it could really help dry hair.

That’s my hair routine! I don’t use heat styling often, so I didn’t include a heat protector on the list, but I will use the Garnier Fructis Schaden Löscher Wunder-Öl Hitzeschutz & Pflege (Damage Extinguisher Wonder Oil Heat Protection and Care). I can’t find this product on the UK or US sites, but I would also recommend the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray (assuming they haven’t changed the formula in the past few years). Neither of these are silicone-free, however, so if anyone has silicone-free heat protector suggestions, please leave them below!

*Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Preparing for Spring – Drugstore Shopping

Preparing for Spring – Drugstore Shopping

Winter has really been bringing me down – the cold weather, the darkness, getting the flu – it’s been rough. But now the sun is back out and staying up, and I’ve got some great things to look forward to this Spring, including my honeymoon and an exciting career change!

To prepare for the seasonal shift, I picked up a few new things from the drugstore in some pretty Spring colors (a lot of pinks and purples), mostly from essence and Catrice, but also a few things from dm’s lines.


all about Vintage eyeshadow palette, mono eyeshadow 03 rosie flamingo, i love colour intensifying eyeshadow base
all about vintage eyeshadow palette, mono eyeshadow 03 rosie flamingo, i love colour intensifying eyeshadow base

I’ve actually been eyeing the all about vintage eyeshadow palette for a good while now. I’ve swatched it several times, and each time I was impressed with how nicely the medium and dark shades turned out.

essence all about vintage eyeshadow palette swatches

The light shadows aren’t bad either, but they do turn out similarly. In the first column, you have a shimmery white highlight and a satin cream highlight. The bottom highlight looks pink in the pan, but that doesn’t really translate onto the skin. The second column has a shimmery pale green and a shimmery ivory shade. I will have to play around with various bases to see if I can get the tones to come out of these – they’re just a bit too bright to look much different than the highlights on their own. Next we have absolutely lovely mid-tone shades, and olive and a bronze. And the last column has a deeper olive and a deeper bronze.

I’m generally drawn toward cooler tones, so it will be interesting to see what looks I can do with this palette. And I think the greens will pair quite nicely with some of my pink and purple shadows for Spring.

The other essence eyeshadow I bought, I fell for online, and for reasons I don’t understand, I didn’t swatch in the store when I bought it. That was a mistake.

essence mono eyeshadow 03 rosie flamingo
essence mono eyeshadow 03 rosie flamingo

Really, I should know better. While there are some great essence eyeshadows, some are duds, and 03 rosie flamingo is a dud. I was expecting a lot more pink and, well, actual color. But all you end up with is a pinkish-golden sheen. It would work quite nicely as a highlight, but I already have a pinky golden highlight I like – the satin touch highlighter in satin beam from p2.

In good news, however, essence added a new eyeshadow base to their collection.

essence i love colour intensifying eyeshadow base
essence i love colour intensifying eyeshadow base

This one is not orange like the i love stage eyeshadow base, so I’m pretty excited. I don’t know how well it intensifies shadow, as it matches my skin tone when it’s blended in, but I haven’t noticed any creasing when I’ve used it so far.

essence i love colour intensifying eyeshadow base, i love stage eyeshadow base
essence i love colour intensifying eyeshadow base, i love stage eyeshadow base


Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 560 I Like To Mauve It, Absolute Eye Color 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night, Multi Matt Blush 020 La-Lavender, Ultimate Stay Lipstick 060 Floral Coral
Absolute Eye Colour 560 I Like To Mauve It, Absolute Eye Colour 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night, Multi Matt Blush 020 La-Lavender, Ultimate Stay Lipstick 060 Floral Coral

I really enjoy my purple-taupe eyeshadows, so much so, that when I got home, I realized I had an exact dupe of 560 I Like To Mauve It in an old p2 palette.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 560 I Like To Mauve It Swatch
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 560 I Like To Mauve It

I have a justification for this, however. First of all, this shade is the most used of that palette, so repurchasing as a single would have been a good choice. Secondly, p2 doesn’t make this particular palette anymore, so I wouldn’t have been able to rebuy anyway!

The second single shadow I got from Catrice, 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night, I thought would be a dupe for Nooner from the Naked 3 palette, but when I got home, I realized it was much cooler.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night Swatch
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night

No matter what I did, I could not get this swatch to show up properly on camera. It has purple tones that completely disappear on screen. It’s lovely in person, but I question how well it would look in photographs.

I also picked up on of the Matt Multi Blushes in 020 La-Lavender. I really like the Catrice Defining Blushes, so I wanted to see what their other formulas were like.

Catrice Multi Matt Blush 020 La-Lavender Swatch
Catrice Multi Matt Blush 020 La-Lavender

While it has different strips of color, from a practical stand-point, it’s really difficult to pull out specific colors, especially the darkest and lightest shades. You could possibly sweep just the top half for a deeper shade and the bottom half for a lighter one, but I’ve been swirling all the shades together so far. I like the look; it’s a soft, cool pink that is buildable, which is how I prefer my blushes. You can quickly get a light wash of color without looking like a clown, but you it also doesn’t take long to make it brighter.

And the last item from Catrice is a lipstick, because why not?

Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick 060 Floral Coral
Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick 060 Floral Coral

Catrice has hopped on the comfortable matte lipstick train, and I really like it.

Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick 060 Floral Cora
Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick 060 Floral Coral

While this is called Floral Coral, I definitely see it more as a neutral-to-cool pink. I think it’s great for daily wear, though. It’s a bit shiny in the swatch, but the shine wears off after a bit of wear and gives a demi-matte look. I don’t know if I would call it super long wearing from the few times I wore it, but it has okay lasting power, and wears off evenly.

dm – p2 and trend IT UP

p2 Lippenkonturenstift perfect look lipliner raspberry 131, Lippenkonturenstift perfect color lipliner glamour diva 050, trend IT UP Lippenstift Ultra Matte Lipstick 020
p2 Lippenkonturenstift perfect look lipliner raspberry 131, Lippenkonturenstift perfect color lipliner glamour diva 050, trend IT UP Lippenstift Ultra Matte Lipstick 020

I’m sorry, people who don’t have dm, because their house lines are great. I stuck with lip products only, this time. For some perspective, I was with Mr. Faultier when I bought all this, and he is not the most patient when it comes to buying makeup.

I grabbed two different p2 lipliners, one perfect look and one perfect color, because I wanted to see what the big difference was. Clearly the packaging was different – automatic/standard pencil, and the perfect color comes with a brush, but I also wanted to see if the formula of the product was different. I think it is.

p2 Lippenkonturenstift perfect look lipliner raspberry 131 swatch
p2 Lippenkonturenstift perfect look lipliner raspberry 131

The perfect look lipliner went on smoothly, even though it felt a bit dry on the lips. Because of the dry feeling, I don’t think I could wear it on its own, but I think you could get away with just a lip balm. It’s full color and does not come off easily. It hangs on for a few seconds when you start scrubbing before it begins to come off. I have not tried wearing it for a long time, but I am optimistic.

I have my doubts about the other one, however.

p2 Lippenkonturenstift perfect color lipliner glamour diva 050 Swatch
p2 Lippenkonturenstift perfect color lipliner glamour diva 050

The perfect color lipliner seemed to have more shine than the other liner, but clung to dry patches quite a bit. I’m not sure if that was due to the darker color or a formula difference, but it came off a lot less smooth than the perfect look. Even using the lip brush, I couldn’t quite get it even. I will try this out again, though, with some of my berry lipsticks and see if that makes a difference. It was a bit easier to get off than the perfect look lipliner, but as the perfect look liner was downright difficult to get off, that isn’t necessarily a negative. Again, I’ll need to experiment more with this one.

Last but not least, I picked up another lipstick from the trend IT UP line.

trend IT UP Lippenstift Ultra Matte Lipstick 020 swatch
trend IT UP Lippenstift Ultra Matte Lipstick 020

I already have some lipsticks from the trend IT UP line, so I knew what to expect with this one. I’m just trying to build up my selection of neutral-ish shades for day wear, since I’ve gone a bit crazy with the bright colors – as you can see with my other trend IT UP lipsticks. This definitely does the job and wears pretty comfortably. According to Mr. Faultier, I could probably stop buying makeup now for the next three years or so, but I doubt I’m done, even just for Spring!

*Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Soft Valentine’s Day Eye Look – Naked 3 Palette

Soft Valentine’s Day Eye Look – Naked 3 Palette

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means that people who are not me are preparing for romantic weekends. Mr. Faultier and I don’t do anything, because we’re too lazy. But I still like fancy makeup, so I put together a pretty, soft Valentine’s look using the Naked 3 palette.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette – for this look, I used Limit, Buzz, Nooner, and Factory

For those who aren’t into $50+ eyeshadow palette (mine was a gift from Mr. Faultier), there are some great looking dupes out there from Makeup Revolution and Coastal Scents. I have not personally tried these, but I’ve seen enough good reviews to feel comfortable recommending them. In addition, it seems that every drugstore line has a rosey-nude palette out, so even if you don’t have the Naked 3 palette, this looks should be fairly easy to recreate using something similar.

Step 1 – Prime the eyes

Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Base

For this look, I just did what I usually do for stronger eye looks. I started with an eyeshadow base all over the lid and up to the brow bone. Right now, I’m trying out the essence i love stage eyeshadow base. I’m still on the fence about it, as it seems a bit orange-y. Then I applied my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk across the the lash line and blended upwards on the lid.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, essence i love stage eyeshadow base
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, essence i love stage eyeshadow base

Step 2: Begin with the shadow

Valentine's Day Lid

I started by applying Limit in the crease with my Real Techniques deluxe crease brush. I did take a picture of just this step, but you couldn’t really see anything, which was pretty much the point. Limit is a pale, matte, dusty pink, and works well for me as a transition shade. I applied it just to help the other shadows blend in a bit more smoothly.

Next, I took a flat eyeshadow brush and applied Buzz, a medium metallic pink, all over the lid. This is where the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil comes in handy, as it has a slightly tacky finish. While not as bad as Dust, Buzz has a tendency to fall out quite a bit, but using a tacky base and patting motions with the brush can help to minimize it. I had thought about using Burnout here instead, because it’s easier to work with, but I like how pink Buzz is and wanted a bit more shine.

Step 3: Deepen the crease

 Valentine's Day Crease

I used a small crease brush to sweep Nooner into the crease. Nooner is one of my go-to crease shades. It’s a matte, dusky pink like Limit, but a few shades deeper. It’s soft, easy to blend, and helps to define the crease softly.

Step 4: Line the eye

Valentine's Day Liner

To keep with the soft theme, I choose to use one of the shadows as a liner. I picked Factory, which is a rosey-bronze. If you want something less subtle, you could use Darkside or even Blackheart instead. I used an angled liner brush to take Factory all the way across the top lid, pulling it out a bit into a diffused wing. I also lined the outer two thirds of the lower lash line with it, connecting the outer edge of the lower lash line with the wing. Using eyeshadow as eyeliner is great for us lazy people, as it’s really easy to blend out mistakes.

Step 5: Mascara

Valentine's Day Mascara

I finally gave in and repurchased my favorite mascara, Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof, but for this step, use whichever mascara you like the effect of the most – or even go crazy and add some fake lashes! If you get weepy at romance, I would advise waterproof, though. It is Valentine’s Day. Pro-Tip: Don’t stab yourself in the eye with the mascara wand like I did.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof
Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara

Step 6: Finish your face!

Finished Valentine's Day Look

I wanted to focus this tutorial on the eyes, but I will briefly go over what I used to finish this look.

For my base, I just went with my standard routine for medium to full-coverage. Though, I am still testing out the NYX Photo-Loving Primer – will it show up in a future favorites? Still don’t know.

Valentine's Day Face Products
NYX Photo-Loving Primer in Clear, Manhattan Wake Up Concealer in 1 Naturelle (for blemishes), NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in Porcelain (for under the eye), essence all about matt! powder, Manhattan Endless Perfection Make Up in 56 Light Porcelain

For the brows, I used the same products mentioned in my January Favorites post for a nice, natural look.

essence lash & brow clear gel mascara, Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow in 030 Jump up and Brown... (discontinued)
essence lash & brow gel mascara, Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow in 030 Jump up and Brown… (discontinued)

And for my lips and cheeks, I wanted to keep things light and glowy.

p2 Satin
p2 satin touch highligher in satin beam 020, Catrice Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue, e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Natural

You could go with something deeper on the lips, but I would advise something nude – unless your date is into lipstick all over their face!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you have a fancy date? Or are you going to sit around your home in your PJs, like I am?

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